Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Okay, so I spent the weekend in Arkansas - we all survived.

Before I move on the My Space issue, I have to send out Kudos to my husband and his brother. While we were gone to Arkansas, they put new floors in my living room and kitchen. The floors are beautiful...I am totally shocked, impressed, and grateful. They worked their butts off, and I wish I could do more to let me know how much I appreciate the effort. My house went from yuckie carpet, and peal-n-stick to nice Oak wood floors. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Okay - so, just as a re-cap. I ended up driving my two kids in my car and following my sister to Arkansas. We left around 7pm - and while we were in the McDonalds drive-thru Pyper puked all over. UGH!. The poor kid got too hot prior to leaving and so it had to come up. We were only 1/2 into our trip and now my ride smelled like puke. The gods must be punishing me......

I cleaned her up, changed her clothes, used 80% of the baby-wipes - because it was GROSS. I kept thinking ' it is not too late to turn around and go home. Puking is not a good way to start'. But I kept on....for the sake of family and a photo.

Around 10pm we stopped an filled up. I get in the car and now it smells like gas. What the hell! Now my car has the distinct oder of puke masked by gasoline. Apparently, the gas station had gas all over the pavement. I thought for a single moment my sister was trying to sabatoge me. I left her standing by the car while the gas pumped and I went into pee. It could have been the perfect joke. But she said her car stunk too....

Nothing like a little gasoline and Starbucks to help you make the next 2 1/2 hours fly by.

We arrived in Arkansas around midnight - I was welcomed by my mother. Yeah, the sick woman felt it necessary to meet me outside and help me get into my room. Secretly, I thank her for her help, but please don't breath on us ;).

The room had two double beds - Rylan grabbed one bed, and snuggled up in the middle. I questioned ' Is your sister sleeping with you?'


Then I asked ' Are we all sleeping together?"


Me - 'Are you planning on taking up that whole bed?

A big grin from Rylan ' Yes, and goodnight. I am tired'.

I wrangle Pyper into the other bed with me.....I am half jealous of Rylan. I had planned to put both of them in the same bed, and I was going to get the other bed all to myself. No such luck. Rylan woke up like a King. He was sprawled out had pillows under his head and on each side.

I on the other hand, slept the night leech. Pyper is insistant on sleeping next to me and finding my hair while she sleeps. This night was no different. I am sure I have a bald spot in the back. She finds a strand of hair and insist on running her little sausage like fingers thru it, all the while she is nesltled up under my chin.

Sat morning comes early ..... 5:50 am early. I walk next door, knock and once the door opens I push Pyper in the door way and stumble back to my room to get a few more hours of sleep. My mother keeps her company for a bit.

Around 9:30 are all at Matthews..............COFFEE. Note to self - there is a Starbucks next to the hotel. SCORE.

While at Matthews I learn that he lives in a DRY county. What? Are you for real? Did you really invite 15 of your relatives to a DRY county. OMG. All together Matthew has 19 people at his house - this includes his family.

Becareful who you invite, because we travel in packs.

Around 11 - the girls load up the kids and take them to Sears for a photo shoot. 10 kids and a photo shoot. 10 kids ages 1 to you can imagin it was a ZOO. The lady really should have charged double!

In the meantime the men load up and go to Matt's work and get BEER. Guess what - I don't drink Beer.

I am informed that they have Margaritas and other spirits - I begin to calm down.

After Sears we are up for some food and drinks. (Of Course!).

Dry county - who every heard of such a thing.

During the day, I find out that everyone - but me has a Myspace account. What!

I thought Myspace was for YOUNG kids - mind you Matthew is older than me.....

I started this blog in an effort not have to go to Myspace, but I am feeling the pressure. I think this week I am going to break down and do the Myspace thing. Do you know how many people I can stay in touch with.

Of course you know - the general population knows. No one bothered to clue me in.

I saw accounts for - Joey, Matthew, Ronnie, John, Paul, etc. It seemed endless.

I had to cut my evening short on Sat - I could not get Pyper to sleep in the house that holds 20 people. So we packed up and went the hotel. Rylan on the other hand got to stay the night. We left bright and early on Sunday - around 9am. The kids for all intensive purposes did great - it really was a LONG trip for such a short time.

Courtney rode back with me for a bit - my parents took her out of my car after I passed them for going to SLOW. Who travels at 70 mph? My dad.....I am sure if they could they would have taken my kids too -ha!

Did I mention that once my mom had a drink or two she suddenly started feeling better?

Imagin that.

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