Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Not much going on....well that is a mis-statement. I have so much going on, I seem to be getting NOTHING done.

My desk is swamped with projects (budget, analysis, payroll, AP) etc. Plus all of these small side projects. And all I can think about is going outside.....I am distracted.

Most people who know me won't find that one hard to believe. Last night Lance had class, so when we got home he was gone. Rylan and I decided to make it 'make your own pizza night'. *fine with me, I HATE to cook. One, I am not good at it and two, it bores me. I would rather eat cereal and yogurt. I figure my kids can survive off cereal and yogurt.

Back to the pizza. We have already prepared crust, so all we need to do is chop, shred and spread. Easy. We pull up chairs to the counter top, one for Rylan and one for Pyper. As fast as Rylan can put items on the pizza, Pyper is taking them off. She is taking them off and either taking a bit of them or examining them licking them and putting them back. Rylan is furious. 'MOM, Pyper won't leave the pizza alone!!' Pyper looks really proud of herself - she is covred in pizza sauce and has a peperonni stuck to her chin. I try to calm Rylan down and distract Pyper. I give Pyper a bowl with her own stuff - mushrooms, cheese, sauce etc. This way she can eat and play in it. Oh no, now she wants to put it on the pizza, on top of Rylan's stuff.

Word of Wisdom - *don't eat anything from the DePew house unless Lance made it; or it is prepackaged. Who knows who has stuck their fingers init, snezzed on it or licked it and put it back :>) Happy eating.

The pizza turned out fine.....everyone had to get changed (again). While the pizza was cooking we sat and began Rylan's homework - reading, writing and math. Every night we spend 1/2 hr to 40 minutes doing homework. Pyper must do homework too....she gets paper and caryons or a pencile. Rylan really amazes me - I don't remember being so smart *so soon. I am fearful that I won't be able to help him with his homework by the 3rd grade. And Pyper wants to learn just as much as Rylan. We truly are in trouble...

Our small world was nice last night. We played ball outside, took a bath, made pizza, did homework, ate pizza, gave hugs-n-snugs and went to bed.

A prayer to the dryer fairy* PLEASE FIX MY DRYER. I have been without a dryer for almost two weeks now. Actually it works, it just blows out cool air. Do you know how long it takes to dry dark clothes on cool. FOREVER!!! I timed it - almost 6 hours, one load. OMG, kill me now. So when you see my kids and if they are wearing the same clothes, it is not because I am too lazy to wash them. I just don't wash them for fear they may never DRY. So Lance - I am going to call handyman Joe if you dont' get on the ball. Or we could just start buying new clothes to get us thru..............

We are hoping for a non-stressful evening, filled with laughter.

Who knew having kids could be so much fun. I look back and I don't know if my parents really 'enjoyed' us. I can honestly say, I totally enjoy my kids. *don't get me wrong, there are times I would give them away on the wal-mart pk lot.

We have our stressful moments, but we spend our time taking it all in. I don't think we ever thought we would enjoy it as much as we do. Our kids are as different as day and night, but we thank god for them. We will crawl in bed at night and giggle about how funny they are. We find ourselves asking 'what did we do for entertainment before??'

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