Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday..part deux

Friday night Lance took me to the Chocolate Barr (martini bar), which was wonderful. We had chocolate Martini's and other assortments of drinks. Then we walked down to eat at Squires - not too bad. Then we walked back to the Chocolate Barr, by this time it was PACKED...people standing outside. We decided to head back towards our home.
It was a nice night, one we both needed.
Misty kept our kids, so we slept in late, then went to breakfast. It was so nice to eat a hot breakfast, and enjoy a cup of coffee.
Then we moved on to picking up 'the kids' - we had big plans for Sat.
We went to the park, then to Hardee's for shakes, then to my place for a bon-fire (hotdogs and smores).

Today is Lance's last day at company A. He will begin Company B tomorrow. We are glad that is over! Now, let's hope Company A will have enough work to keep Lance busy.....
Work for me is status quo........tonight I will be back at 6:30 for our bi-weekly night meeting.
It appears as if we have something scheduled for everyday this week but Wed. My head is already spinning over the booked schedule. I need to find ways to 'cut out ' some of the stuff.
Perhaps a sick day is in order.....
I will post photos soon of our weekend adventure. Later

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