Thursday, September 27, 2007

Gray hair?

So last night I found a gray hair. There I said it (actually I wrote it).

I stood in the mirror in the bathroom, thinking about plucking my unruly eyebrows, when there IT was. I stood there for a moment and tried to decided if it was actually a 'blond hi-lighted' hair. Finally, I plucked it out and held it between my finger tips, trying to decide how I felt about it all.

I must have been standing there awhile, because the bathroom filled up with the rest of my family. Lance stood in the door way looking at me (the look said *what are you doing?). I kept my fingers pressed together and brought the hair closer to his face, I gave him the 'LOOK' notion. He laughs out loud.

I reply 'not the response I need at this moment'. He said ' well it is safe to say it is not blonde.' Okay, still not the response I need. I am not sure whether to laugh or cry. I trying to decide whether to keep it or not - why? Why not?

I kept Rylan's first hair cut, Pyper's first hair-cut - this is my first gray hair (UGH). That is it, I feel officially OLD. I am not very happy about this one. I drop the damn thing in the toilet ( it belongs with the rest of the *shat) and move on to putting the kids in the tub. Once they are in the tub, I sit in the sink and begin searching my head for 'its' brothers or sisters......I figure where there is 'one' there must be others. Alias, I did not find another one. I thought maybe that would bring me some comfort. Guess what - no comfort!

It was really hard for me to give up my 20's - I LOVED my 20's. I had a ROCK'N good time. I would be 20 (something) forever. Now this is another reminder that I am getting older. Never mind the 5 xtra pounds I cannot drop, or the dimples in my butt, or the wrinkles around my eyes. I was dealing with all of those in a rather rational way.

1) the 5 xtra pounds would prob go away if I gave up Fries and wine. I figure I am 30 (something) screw giving up my fried foods and wine.

2) the dimples on my butt. Genetics. Enough said. I could do squats until the cows come home and my butt would still look like cottage cheese. I could run the Boston Marathon, and have runners legs w/ dimples. So instead I opt for being semi-lazy and having dimples. * I run M/W/F during my lunch two miles. Not great, but a start.

3) wrinkles. Have you met my family, I am lucky I don't look like Tammy Faye. Wrinkles are simply a part of laughing and crying, we call them character builders in our home. ha!

But gray hair. I fear I will NOT grow old gracefully.


I went out last night, with Misty and her girlfriend Angie - we saw Joe Dirt (big surprise). I left around 9:00pm- once I put everyone to be. (this includes Lance). As I drove out of my sub-division I noticed a full-moon. I should have known then that CRAZIES would be out. I called Misty as I pulled into the parking lot. She was insist on meeting me in the lot and walking me into the bar. (Why, I wonder. It is not as if her skinny ass could save me from anyone). Anyway, as I am locking my car, and making sure my dome lights go off we are approached by a car, with a single young (early 20's) man. He yells out his window to us ' Any cute guys in there'. I think to myself (why would another guy be asking about guys in the bar). I inform the guy that the Gay bars are downtown. He ignores me, focuses on Misty and proceeds with 'uh, dude I've already been drinking and needed to size up my competition.'

*I am not even in the door and I am already annoyed. STUPID boys.

Misty tells him to F off. I guess I could have tried that one too.... :)

We are in the bar, for approx 45 minutes and then another crazy approaches me. Misty is on the dance floor, I am sipping my vka/crbery and this guys says 'can you do the splitz?' I give him a WHAT look?

He proceeds' well, you are a GIRL'.

Me ' thank for the news flash, did my boobs give it away?'

Him ' How, much do you want to bet that I can do the splitz?'. I look at Angie and ask if I am at the carnival, or the freak show? I turn my back on the kid and ignore him. *it is either that or punch him. I turn around and he has approached Misty on the dance floor. I see her look annoyed, and she throws me a WTF look. The nex thing I know, this kid is doing the Chinese spitz in the middle of the dance floor. GAWD! What is going on. (mind you this kid - 20 something, heavy-set in cargo pants and a baggy black T-shirt. Does not even look like an average athlete.). By this time Misty seems impressed. Oh, no!

I go out to the floor, to try to distract her and get rid of splitz boy.

In all of my time at the bar I have NEVER seen any man (other than stripper) do the splitz. Is this a new way to pick up chicks? I am so glad I am married, the pickn's are slim out there in the dating world.

As our night proceeds we are approached by a group of 21 yr olds - GAWD!! It is one guys B-day (of course). He begins with how old are you guys, 21 , 25. *Any other time I would have been flattered. But when you approach me with beer-goggles, I just get annoyed. GET A WAY!!

Perhaps I am too old to deal with this anymore. I have little to no tolerance for the stupidy that comes with younger drinking.

His friend approaches us and we get the 'you guys are Haut, are you two sisters?' Misty 'No, neighbors.' ha!

I finish my drink and leave. I have 3 drinks, and danced a few times. I get home, and try to sneak in the door. My heals click, click, click on my new wood floors. I 'think' I hear a small squeal, perhaps it is Pyper. I head to the bathroom and throw the light on - I need a shower (I stink like bar smoke). I hear another moan, so I peer into the living to see if I hear it again. My inquiry is met by Lance and Pyper staring back at me....UGH!! Kill me now! No shower for me.

Pyper starts crying the moment she really sees me. Lance says she has been up for a 1/2 hr. He hands her over and heads down stairs to bed. I try rocking her....we rock, and rock, and rock. I try to maneuver my free hand to remove my boots and socks. I am STILL in my bar clothes. It is 1am, I get in bed clothes still on, and place Pyper in the middle. Hoping I get her to sleep, so I can get a shower. She is restless. Nothing is working. I end up sleeping in my clothes, STINKING. As Lance kisses me good-by this morning, he says ' goodbye, I love you stinky head.' ha! Thanks. I am prompted to burn my sheets and take a shower at 6am. I am still trying to decided if going out for 2 hours was really worth the hassle?

As of now the answer is NO.

This evening we will rush around like mad-men, get home, pick-up, pack our bags and head BACK down to the country. I really need a break. I really need to address my house, my kids, switch out summer clothes to fall etc. I need another 12 hours in my day. I try to place it all into perspective - there will come a time when we won't go to the country as much, and the other things will get done. In the mean time, I should consider a maid and a laundry fairy!

God speed. Our weekend is filled with travels and family - we really are lucky.


Marianne said...

Cute blog. you sound so busy, yet you still find the joy in life! Very inspirational.

As for the grey hair -- I'm blonde and am terrified that I won't notice the grey until it's too late! :)

Michaelle said...

I have had gray hair since my 20's. It runs in my family. The first one always bums you out!


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