Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Well, over the weekend we headed down to the country to see Lance's dad, visit with my family and meet the newest member.

*Drum roll please.................. meet Juno the dog.

Out of blue, Grandpa got a dog. I cannot express how much having this little puppy in his life has lifted his spirits. Grandpa has always wanted a great pyrenees, and on a whim he found one and then bought one.

There were nine puppies to this litter and this dog apparently went right up to Grandpa upon his arrival. Juno, was waiting for Grandpa to come and get him.

Juno will grow up to be a big dog. And they 'think' his mask and spot on his head will go away. *I hope not, I love the mask around his eyes. Here is a photo of an adult great pyrenees. I LUV big dogs!!!

With the new dog in his home, Grandpa has a bit of pep in his step, a glow in his face, and happiness in his voice. I have not seen a glimmer of that happiness since before he lost his beloved wife, Nancy, last November. I am so glad he has company.

*not to mention, Lance was smitten. We agreeed we could get another dog, after the holidays. I am so happy! We will not be getting a great pyrenees, but we will be getting a dog.



Cheffie-Mom said...

Wow, I love how you described Grandpa's happiness from the new dog. Very sweet post. Have a great week!

Farrell said...

so cute!!! What kind of dog do you have now, and what do you plan on getting?

Jennifer said...

Awe..That is so sweet!! So a dog, hmmm at least fottball season will be over :)


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