Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Baahhh, Okay........so I am CRAZ'd these days. I need a bit of comic relief. It is a bit foul, tasteless, and FREAKn' funny. So enjoy.

Tonight, I begin my budget sessions. I am back at work at 7pm to 9pm. Stuck in a room with 12 other people, all whom will argue over the STUPID stuff. I will hold thy tongue, and go home and drink. (ha!).
This month is better known as hell month in my household. I have 4 budget sessions on top of 2 regular night meetings.
On top of that, tomorrow is suppose to be the BIG talk with my boss. That is top secret, so shhhh - don't tell. I am not even suppose to know, but as usual people cannot keep their mouths shut. Bottom line, if discipline action is not set in place, I will seek outside forces. What the hell, what do I have to lose at this point?
To speak to my unstable state of mind, I laughed so hard I cried last night. Tears, streaming down my face, stomach hurting, deep belly laugh.
All at Pyper, of course.
That damn child, has such an attitude, and last night it was in full gear. I gotta get the kids on video. Is it possible to be a tween at 2 1/2?
Here is what happens:
She finds her father and I on the back porch last night, not that we were hiding from her, we were enjoying the nice weather, talking and Lance was smoking.
There we were minding our own business, when the back door flys open, a tuft of hair flys out first then this little person stands in the door way, cups her hands over her mouth, glares at me and state 'U...(she is now pointing at me) UUUUU, um.my.mik'.
I am startled, I look at her a bit stunned.
Well, apparently I took too long to respond. So she stomps over.
*I mean full stomp, arms pumping, head bobbing, and porch shaking. Stomps over to me, finds an empty bubble bottle and throws it at me.
I continue to be stunned. *perhaps I should have disciplined her, but I was giggling too much. Which was not helped by the fact that when I look at Lance he too is giggling. Actually, he has turned around, and you can see his whole body heaving in an effort to stifle his laugh.
So already defeated in the process, I picked up the empty bubble bottle and flung it back at her. *I know I get points for maturity, and a parent of year award. Just send it in the mail.
Any other random things....um, yeah. Just one more.
My sister got a tattoo on the back of her neck. It is getting mixed reviews.
I personally, think it looks fine. Not for me, but fine. My mother on the other hand called it ghetto. ha! Ghetto, what does my mother know about being ghetto?
Okay, I lied. One last thing. Lance got tickets to Mizzou homecoming. Out of no-where. Him and Rylan are going to Mizzou homecoming. To say that he is STOKED would be putting it lightly. He got them for less than $50.00 as well, that makes mamma happy.

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A Buns Life said...

I hope your meeting goes well.....

So since he is going to the Mizzou game does that mean you can't come to my girls night??? :( Get a babysitter!!!


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