Monday, October 27, 2008

Sprint to the End

Can you believe that October is almost OVER.
Where in the hell did the month go?
Somewhere between the meetings, meetings, meetings and meetings this month I lost the entire month.
Dear heaven. That means, that next is Thanksgiving and then the dreaded Christmas.
*****I HATE the holidays. It seems like way too much work on my end.
So much going on, so little time to blog about it.
Where to start???

um. Well, my budget meetings are almost over. YEAH. I have my final one this Tuesday, then we will wrap it up, issue it and move on to the audit work. In the mean time, last week I re-arranged my office. This is code for DEAR GOD WE HAVE ALOT OF CRAP. I have alot of stuff in the conference room that still needs my attention, but I just shut off the light and closed the door. I cannot look at it any more today. I will tackle a little more of it tomorrow. It was very overwhelming, and I am sure in the end it will be a good idea. But today it still seems daunting.

My boss apparently had a meeting last Thursday with the powers to be. From the under ground gossip it must not have gone well. I am still waiting for the process to correct the problem, and I guess the fact that they have had a meeting with him now gives me hope. It is my understanding that he returned from the meeting and gave someone in the office a thumbs down. I guess that is code for not going to make it. I am trying to stay out of the gossip, and out of his way. Therefore I am tearing apart my office, so I have to clean it, and letting my work pile up so I am not tempted to get caught up in the gossip wheel. *which is hard, I am FEMALE.
But so far so good.........
Keep my fingers crossed that the wheels are in motion.

This weekend was good. I will briefly re-cap.
I had 7 kids on Friday night. Yeap 7 of them. From 13 to 2 - good times!!
Lance and I took them all to the Halloween party at the park. They luv'd it. We rode the hay-ride, played games, froze our butts off and made it home in time for bed. We got up Sat and made / decorated cup-cakes.
Sat Lance and Rylan left for the Mizzou game. Which apparently was a success. Rylan has a smile plastered across his face. Him and his dad had a great time.
Sat night Pyper went to my sisters to continue her family time with her cousins. Sat night my sister took all the kids to Grants Farm and did the Halloween fair across town.
I went to the Ameristar with 5 other girls and saw the 80's Band at the Bottle Neck Blues Barr. Good times were had by all.

Did anyone else hear this past weekend that we were suppose to fall back? I swear I told Lance on Sunday, to leave me the hell alone - I gained an hour. I KNOW i heard it.
***Well, apparently it is next weekend. Any day now, I could use the extra hour- may then I will actually make it to work on time.

I am only working 1/2 a day on Friday so I can attend Rylan's school party. We will leave school early and go home and get ready for Halloween. Rylan will be a football player and Pyper is going to be a princess.

We have football practice Tues / Thurs of this week. I told Lance if the tempture gets below 60 degrees I am not going. Well, since the high today is 49, that means Pyper and I will not sit out in the cold and freeze our arses off for practice. We will freeze for the games only. *I think that seems fair.

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