Thursday, October 30, 2008


Disclaimer - I truly luv my hubby.
But I swear I think he inherited two STUPID genes. Not just one, but two....
Here is sample of his most recents stupid incident.
Last night I get home, and demand that he go by Sears and pick up a new grill. I state, 'just put it on the card, and we will pay it off on payday.'
*I do not encourage credit card use, it makes me break out in hives, but we need this today.

My comment triggered a previous conversation Lance had prior to my arrival home from work. He states ' Oh, by the way Michelle, speaking of the card, I put $895.00 on it today.'
I laugh out loud and state 'No you did not.'
He smirkes, 'Yeah, I did. Some guy called on the phone and said if we spent $895 today he could save us $3,000 in credit card debt.'
I look at him and state 'we dont' have $3,000 in credit card debt - so how could us spending 895 be any help. Dear god.'
Did you give them your social #?
Lance - 'Yeap.'
Me - Did you give them your card card #?
Lance 'Yeap, they needed it in order to have the 895 today.'
Me- I am too stunnded to speak, I am beginning to break out in hives. I am not angry at this point, I am too shocked at how stupid he was.
Lance continues - ' I told the guy on the phone that my wife would be really upset, and he told me to have you call him. Here is his 800 number, Michelle call him.'
Me - 'Why did you do this on the fly? Why not wait so we could discuss?'
Lance 'Because the guy said I had to do it now to get the deal.'
Me 'Of COURSE he did.' * I am drinking at this point. I left the glass of wine half full on the table and moved on to swigging straight from the bottle.
Lance - 'Look Michelle (he pulls out a piece of paper), I have all of their info. they are ligit.'
Me - I glance at the piece of paper, and see an 800 number as well as a PO box in Clearwater FL. That's right folks, my hubby gave his information to someone with a 800 number and a PO Box. OMG.......OMG..........OMG.
I cannot belive he was that STUPID.
I look at him and ask ' Why did you even really speak with the man? You normally ask any 800 to please quit calling us, and take us off their list. Were you bored, and needed some company?'
I have asked him to call the company today and CANCEL the expense. He said fine.
Then he called me back 10 minutes later and said 'THEY really think they can help us. I want you to send them all of our information as well as any contracts we have.'
ME - HELL NO. Are you kidding me Lance, this is a SCAM.'
Lance - 'Why would we not do this if they can save us money? I don't understand you Michelle.'
What am I dealing with????????????
Someone please help me.
I feel like I am dealing with Patrick from Spongebob!!!!


A Buns Life said...

Please tell me you are kidding....PLEASE.

Michelle said...

What the hell is wrong with him??

Terra said...

Dear Michelle's hubby, please understand that if we do not have $3000 worth of credit card debt, we cannot get $3000 worth of credit card debt relief.

Dear Michelle, Mine totally lets me handle this stuff because he can't do it either. Just the other day the man agreed to almost double his student loan payments, which would be fine if he had the job he had a few months ago. However, with about half the paycheck now... Well the idea is for us to cut expenses not make them...

ROFL I so understand...

Raising Z said...

Wow! That is really bad!!! Good luck with that one ;)

Jennifer said...

OMG did you cancel your card? OMG that is almost as bad as my husband ordering a computer virus protection over the internet, I look at the bank account and search under the web address name and it comes back to PORN and a bunch of people freaking out because this web site taking money out of peoples account all the freaking time, I had to cancel his debit card and put a watch on my account, when I contacted the bank they were taking out 64.95 five times over a week period.

I think some (or most) men inherited more than two stupid genes.

Jennifer said...



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