Friday, November 2, 2007

Activites....will I survive??

This weekend is JAM packed. I was hoping since we were actually staying home this weekend, that we could have some down time. Well, no such luck. I need to leave work early today so I can get some things accomplished prior to getting home and preparing to leave.

I have to get a wedding present, birthday present and a baby shower gift. T's the season. I am REALLY excited about tonight, my girlfriend from college got married in Oct in Mexico, and now she is having a reception tonight in town - at the Bevo Mill. A historic site in STL. Plus it is a cocktail party, so I get to get dressed up. I bought a new dress, I need to find pantyhose and shoes today. In order for DH to join me, he has to wear a shirt and tie - he is more of a jeans and Tshirt kind of guy. But I 'think' he will break down and dress up a bit. Plus my mother and sister are suppose to join us. It will be so nice to be surrounded by my friends and family for a happy occasion.

Tomorrow night is a surprise party for my sister. She is turning 30 at the end of this month, hence the surprise. This effort has been supported by her best friend, her husband and myself- we rented a party room at Helen's for 4 hours; this room will have beer and food. Plus ALOT of friends and family once again. This party will be a bit more relaxed. The downside - my sister does not handle surprises very well. But who cares!

The other downside - I will need to leave my kids with a babysitter for both events. UGH. I am having my 17 yr old niece come up to stay with us. I am hoping that by keeping them in their own environment they will remain happy and comfortable. Keeping our fingers crossed.

Only 6.5 hours to go before I get to go shopping ...later.

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