Monday, November 19, 2007

Weekend - hair, photo, movie...

This weekend we FINALLY stayed home and it felt like a 'real' weekend. I did nothing on Saturday but lie around until 1pm. Ahh.
Friday night Lance and I went out with his boss and his wife. *the wife also baby sits my kids. This was our first time hanging out. It turned out to be fine. Lance had too much to drink and felt like CRAP on Saturday.
Saturday we all slept in and lounged around in our PJ's until we had to get out of them. I left dirty dishes in my sink and did no do one load of laundry - it really was a wasted day, but a good day. At 1:30, lance and rylan went to get hair cuts - we had a 3:30 family photo and Christmas cards. We have not had a family photo since Rylan was 6mths old - we really needed one. While they are gone, I shower and put Pyper in the tub. It will take me at least 2 hrs to get all of us ready. Rylan returns and he has cut off his mo-hawk, he is MAD. 'Now I look like everyone else' he spat at me. I am so proud of him for getting it cut off for our photo. But then part of me is sad, I am saddened to think how I made him conform. I begin to feel guilty for not letting him be an individual with individual fashion and taste. I promise him that if he does not like his new hair he can grow his mo-hawk back. As a side note, I secretly miss it. His photo's turned out WONDERFUL, he looks so big and so grown up. Where did my son go? I am losing a small piece of him everyday. He wore a tie and dress pants, who knew he could clean up so well.
The photo session was over-booked, t'is the season. We waited 40 minutes past our scheduled time. Not good when you are dealing with a smoker (Lance) and a 2 yr old. I am not sure who drove me more NUTS. Once it was finally our turn, the lady took crappy photo's. She didn't work with us and I was utterly disappointed. The goal was very clear - one family photo, and a Christmas card of the kids. The lady (19 or so), had us sitting on the floor for our family photo. ugh. She maybe took 6 shots and only showed us 2 of them - where did the other ones go? She told me they deleted them prior to showing them to us. UGH. Once we were rushed thru our session we had to wait another 20 minutes in order to view them and place our order. kill me now. I send Lance to the car with the kids - he smokes and the kids pop in a DVD. Everyone is happy, I think. I place my order and cringe at the fact that I forked over money for crappy photo's. But then again, I may never get my family dressed up and together again in the near future. We leave the studio and head to pick up Lance's truck - it needed some unexpected repairs. The repair was to the tune of $1,200, I about died.. Right before Christmas and personal property tax time. OMG. Anyway, it is now close to 5:30pm. We pull up to the repair shop, they closed at 5pm. Lance is ANGRY. Not at anyone particular, just angry. He leaves for work at the *arse crack of down (5am) and now what is he going to to do? I try to talk it over with him, it is like speaking to a wall. We then drive the kids to my sisters (my mother is there), the kids will go visit their cousins for a few hours. Lance and I decide to take in a movie. Lance is hung over and now cranky over his truck. I fear we should have just stayed home. But then again, the last movie I saw at the theatre was Nemo, I really want to go without kids. So we go, and decided on a movie I have never heard of. We get tickets and walk over to TGIF and try to kill an hour. We order and Lance orders tea, I glance over at him ' still not feeling well?'. He snarls 'No.'. I could have stayed home and been comfy, and not put myself thru this.
We see the movie and go get our kids - everyone home, safe and sound by 11:30. Only to discover Pyper has a terrible diaper rash - teeth perhaps? Poor kid.
We have a typical Sunday - I pack up the kids head to church (where I have not been since Aug), lance stays home to tend to his yard. It was nice to be back at church, I have missed it. Rylan enjoyed the kids part and Pyper even did good. God must be smiling :).
A weekend that was a normal and uneventful as we had hoped for. We so miss those weekends. Thanksgiving will be CRAZY...hopefully we can come back Sat night and have Sunday at home. Have safe travels and a good thanksgiving.

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