Friday, November 2, 2007

My sister

I miss my sister - there is said it! She is not dead, she is alive and well. I just miss her. I have been so busy going to the country over the last 4mths that I have not gotten to spend any time with her. She probably the one person who knows me the best.
I called her today and began crying - at first I called because I was 'mad' about something, then by the end of the call I was reasoning with the fact that I just missed her. I was not mad at all.
Things I remember growing up with her....
We are 2 yrs apart.
Me and my older brother would put her in the dryer at the laundery mat while my mom did clothes.
We would steal her favorite blanket, just to watch her cry. (then we would get in trouble).
We had to share a room/ bed for 12 plus years. We would fight over the middle of the bed. We would grind elbows until they were bruised rallying for that small space on the other side.
We would have food, perfume fights.
We would play dress up.
In jr high we really did not get along, once I was in HS we became better friends.
I got an old BMW, and she drove an old Camero - we were totally cool.
She could not run the heater, lights and radio at the same time. We were COLD.
We both were lifeguards at the pool for several years - she met her husband there. She would sit on the opposite side making eyes at him. Who knew.
She would drive around late at night with the nerd in town. That nerd is now an attorney - good choice in friends.
Trips to taco bell just for the hell of it.
Cruising, when it use to be cool.
Bad hair color, cuts and style.
Prom - she may date my Senior year.
Kids - she is the best mom I know. (4 kids later).
Wife - she has been married 10 years and going strong.
Date - I have taken her to several events as my date, she is the best damn date a girl could ask for.
Twins- we are not twins, but are always asked. I answer that I am the young pretty one -ha!
Camping, our family would go camping when we were kids. It was boring, thank god we had each other.
Family trips, every year we would pack up and trek cross country. The trips were long and boring. We would make faces at the truck drivers, play hang man, etc. She is a great travel buddie.
Parents - ours are CRAZY. We really need each other just to survive.
I miss you. Love Michelle

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