Friday, November 30, 2007


Well it is Friday and I am glad it is here. I am looking forward to staying home this weekend and lounging around in my own home. I went to blockbuster last night and picked up a few movies anticipating crappy weekend weather. I figure we will watch movies, put up the tree (maybe), go to church and stay in our pj's for most of the weekend. The couch will be my best friend and the recliner will host Lance. Our children will wonder between the two of us, providing hugs-n-snugs when the they feel like it.

I am not a football fan, never have been. The main reason is - I don't know all the rules and it drives me nuts. They spend more time throwing flags and calling 'calls' that make no sense too me. This is the same reason I protest soccer. In college I dated a soccer player and attended all of the games, froze my *arse off and never understood a damn thing (other than a goal). My son spent two years playing youth soccer, it was a blast to watch - but once again I did not understand all of the rules.

Now my son has taken a MAJOR interest in football (my husband is STOKED). We have purchaed the NFL package from our direct tv so they can bond over football. That is how Lance sold me on purchasing the package - it would be a good bonding experience. That would be true if Lance wasn't talking like a trucker at the TV. Plus my daughter has gotten caught up in the ordeal, she stands in front of the TV yelling as the ball flies in the air, she looks around the room looking for her dad and brothers approval. Everyone is bonding over football, but me. If you are our neightbor I am sure you can hear ' GO, GO!! Aw INTERCEPTED' at any given moment.

So in the spirit of family I have decided to 'attempt' to be come more interested. Therefore, in the spirit of competition (or just because I am a pain in the *arse), I have decided to root for the other team. It sooths my competative streak, and makes for a delightful evening in the DePew househould. Who knew that the angst of my existance would be the one event we would bond over - ode to football.

So last night Rylan's school sent home a note letting parents know that today would be black/gold day in honor of Mizzou. I make it home later than usual and Rylan cannot wait to show me what he is going to wear, his dads Mizzou jersey. I begin to protest - it swallows him. His face falls and Lance manages to throw me 'come on look'. I begin searching Rylan's closet for something else - I find a couple of other items, each idea is met with a immeidate 'no!'.

So this morning, my son went to school in an XL mens jersey for the sake of football. He looked silly,but did not care. I tried one last time, 'are you sure you don't want to wear this.'
he response, 'no, mom this is SWEET'.
*OMG. Fine, I think to myself.
I have not had enough coffee to fight this fight. Our saturday night will be filled with popcorn, football and family. I am thrilled. I can place my PMS butt on the couch, eat, drink and be surrounded by the people I love the most. God must be smiling.

As for tonight, I think I am going to go out with my sister. Whom I miss dearly. I went to see her on Wed, for her birthday, and to my surprise she was blonde. Or some werid version of blonde, it is a bit bright with a tone of orange. A clear reason why 'we' should not bleach our hair at home or out of complete boredom. I cannot wait to see what it looks like under the black bar lights - that should be fun at her expense.

Food, fun, family and football. A day in the life of the DePew's.

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