Monday, January 28, 2008

Flu, fever and ick..

So I guess it was best that we did not go to the country this weekend. Pyper ended up sick on Saturday (late) afternoon. She has gotten progressively worse, and on top of it Lance has gotten it too. Pyper has a fever that I cannot seem to break, luckily she is not puking, she is drinking, but not eating. I took her to the Walgreen's clinic yesterday, just to make sure I was not missing anything. I am giving her Tylenol & Motrin (piggy-back), and mucinx. Upon arrival at the clinic I found out they don't take my husbands insurance, therefore it would have been cheaper to go to the urgent care. Apparently some insurance carriers do not recognize a nurse practicanor. ugh.
*But we were already in the office, and Pyper looked SO bad, so we will just pay the bill. A bill that diagnoses a virus, apparently a virus the could last 4 to 7 days. They did swab her for streep throat, it came back negative. By mid-afternoon I had Lance and Pyper looking sickly, and feeling like crap.

Early afternoon we did venture down to the dog parade, where i held Pyper in the back-pack or the sling. She sleept thru most of it.

This morning Rylan woke up coughing, and saying his arm hurt. *he too wanted to stay home. I am not sure what his arm has to do with anything, other than it was the first body part he could find. Him and I got dressed and made our way to school & work accordingly. I am sure I will be out tomorrow caring for Pyper. And perhaps myself. I fear this sickness must run it course, and will probably infest all of us at some point and time.
As far as the sleep issue with Pyper goes, I threw it all away with her being sick. We stuck to the couch, snuggled up most of the weekend. All she wanted was for me to hold her, nothing else. I had to wake her up every 4 hours to give her medicine, in an effort to control her fever. We will work on getting her back in her bed when she feels well. In the meantime, we will comfort her by holding her, and staying close. I left her and her father on the couch this morning. Both looking feverish, and awful.

The ickies are running rampant in our house. Keeping our fingers crossed we can regain our health soon.


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