Monday, January 14, 2008


Today is a 'me' day. I struggled all morning with whether or to stay home and take care of myself. I got up, got dressed, dressed the kids, dropped them off made it half way to work and then turned around. I know enough about myself to know when I am maxed out, and frankly, I am MAXED out.
So now here I am wrapped up in my robe w/ a nice cup of coffee, and what do I hear? Nothing. I forgot what my house sounded like with no one in it. I must admit, I am a bit lonely. However I am more tired than lonely. I will pick up a little, do laundry and sleep. Pyper's sleeping cycle, or lack there of, has taken it toll on me physically and emotionally. Today is a day at home, my home with just me. I felt guilty dropping her off, knowing I could actually spend the day with her, but that was a fleeting thought once I saw how excited she was to see the other kids.

The sleeping technique - making her sleep in her own bed was sabotaged over the weekend. We went to the country to see Lance's dad, and Pyper and I ended up sharing a bed. Therefore I stared at square one again last night.
Over the weekend I did have a lovely couple of hours with my grandma 'sweetie', and a nice chat with my mother. Both of these occasions are note worthy, because I rarely see my grandma, since she has started dating. And my mother, well there are times when we just cannot see eye to eye.
Here's to hoping a little me time, puts me back on track.

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