Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Update- Hospital Stay..

I get home last night around 5pm to see Rylan before he leaves for the hospital (his appt is at 7pm). Our faces meet and he begins crying. He says 'Mom, I don't want to go, I am scared'.
My heart drops. I reassure him that this will be simple and easy. Plus he can bring a pillow, a movie and his Monster truck. He seems distracted for the moment getting his additional items.

Around 6pm Lance loads up to get ready to go. Rylan is hesitant. I hug him, give him a reassuring kiss and send him on his way. He heads to the garage, less than one minute later he is back inside, crying. I look at him, he says' Mom, I don't want to go....'
I promise him it is just one night, I show him yesterdays blog, with the girl hooked up and reassure him it will be fine. He will look like a robot, he can tell his friends, it will be cool.

He goes back to the car, semi comforted.
I call the hospital at 8pm, because no one has called me.
sidebarr-*I am at home WAITING for a call. Duh.

Lance picks up the phone laughing telling someone in the back round that it is his wife 'and she cannot stand not knowing'.
*yeah, yeah
Lance said they just finished hooking up Rylan. Lance is snickering, commenting how funny Rylan looks. (Why did I send Lance??). I ask to speak to Rylan.

He gets on the phone and is chipper. 'Hey mom, I look pretty cool. I had dinner at Hardee's and now I am watching a movie.'
Me - ' so are you going to be okay?'
Rylan 'Yeah, why?'
Me, feeling much better ' No reason. have a good night. I luv you'.

This morning at 6am, I begin trying the cell phone. No answer until 8am. I swear Lance likes making me wait. Finally, I get him to answer. Rylan did fine. Results in 10 days and we will go from there. Rylan made it to school, after he went home to shower. Lance said his hair was sticky from the pads they placed on his head.
It will be nice to have my family home tonight.

*This photo always makes me smile. The story behind Lance having a Mo-hawk is for another time.


Farrell said...

I'm glad he is doing just fine:)

A Buns Life said...

Glad everything worked out and I love the Mo-hawks!


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