Monday, January 21, 2008


Would someone PLEASE turn up the heat. I was friggn' cold this weekend. The cold weather led us to hibernate inside our little home. Our home felt even smaller once my sisters 4 kids joined us for the night.
Friday night I went out around 8pm and met up with my sister for some much needed down time. This 'bad' mood has been lingering around me for the last three weeks, I call it 'winter'. So in an effort find my happy place I went out. It is pretty easy to locate your happy place when drinks are involved. I danced, I laughed, I smiled and surrounded my self with strangers who didn't know me from Eve. Ahh, good times. This good time was brought to a complete hault once I walked thru the threshold of my house. I come bee-poping in around 1am only to find Lance and Pyper in the rocking chair. Buzz Kill!~

Pyper leaps out of her fathers lap and cries until she locates my leg. Yeah, the leg that smells like the bar I was just at. Yeah, the leg that is holding me up - sort of. I drag Pyper any myself into the bed room to locate my pj's, in the mean time Lance has high tailed it back to bed. Figures. I grab Pyper a milk cup and just place her sassy but in the middle of my bed. One good night out (two steps forward), putting Pyper in my bed (five steps back).

We are all up by 6:30 am on Saturday. Why? Who knows and who cares. Who really gets up this early on the weekend? I would not technically say I was up, I snuggled on the couch placed a cover over my head and put on Sat morning cartoons for my two kids. Silently praying for two more hours of sleep.
By mid afternoon our house was hustling and bustling with kids, lots of kids. It felt like an episode of the Brady Bunch...

In preparation of having a min-daycare I bought games, finger paints and we rented movies. The kids range from 8 to 2yrs old. We had kids everywhere, in the computer room, in the playroom, in front of the TV etc. And as hectic as it sounds it was great. My kids loved having the company and I loved that they were distracted.
We had pizza, corn, juice boxes, cookies, etc. Feeding 6 kids and two adults at a table that seats 4 is a bit of challenge, but we figured it out. Bathing 6 kids was a learning experience. Normally they show up in their pj's to stay the night, but I asked for them early this time. Bath time took approx 2 hours, multiple baths and multiple showers.

By 7:30 the 4 yr old was tired. We made a palate on the floor in front of the TV, put in the movie and held each tired child (4 & under) until they went to sleep. August was the first one out, she was carefully placed on the palate. Lance took Grant and they sat together on the couch, I took Pyper to the rocking chair while the three older kids ate popcorn and waited for the 'babies' to go to bed. This way they could 'really' do what they wanted. ha!

By 9:30 everyone was asleep. 6 kids sleeping soundly, bathed and fed - who knew? Paige the oldest asked if she could sleep on the couch, not the palate. Why? Because she always has to share her bed and the couch was free. So Paige made her way to the couch, grabbed the softest pillow and grinned from ear to ear. Rylan and Payton both 6 lay side by side, grasping their webkins with feet intertwined. Lance and stood there looking at all 6 kids recounting the day, and smiled. During our second breath, we thanked god we don't have 6 kids.

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