Friday, January 18, 2008

Middle of the night.

Friday, and Starbucks that seems to be the highlight of my day.
Last night Pyper did really well sleeping, but her brother seemed to have gotten chocked up and pucked in his bed at 3am. Yeah, right smack in the middle of his bed.
I have bat ears in the middle of the night, I sleep with one eye open and one ear to the floor.
I hear Rylan gasping, which is semi normal due to his sleep apnea then suddenly I hear a gagging sound. I leap out of bed *I should wear a cape to bed - I swear I could jump tall buildings .
I leap out of bed and race to reach the child, now projecting his dinner into the middle of his bed. OMG.
I turn around and go back to bed * no, not to lay back down; but to wake up Lance.

I push Lance once, twice and by time number three I am shoving him. 'wake up - Rylan is puking and I need your help'.

I rush back to Rylan who is whimpering and whining at this point. Lance lags behind, scratching his butt and trying to become oriented.
I help Rylan down from the top bunk and send his butt to the bathroom directly across the way. I instruct Lance to get me a trash bag * I am throwing EVERYTHING away.

I grasp a pillow to remove the case and chunks hit my arm, I am grossed out and begin to gag.
***The whole time I am thinking, please don't wake Pyper up too!!!
I drop the pillow, because I am disgusted and make my way to the bathroom with the boy. The boy is placed at the sink, looking pitiful "mom can I have a drink?'
Me ' yeah, turn on the water and grab a cup.' duh. I do a quick wash of the arm, and put my game face back on.
I give him a new set of clothes and make my way back to the bed to begin to tackle this mess. Lance finally arrives only to state, we are out of trash bags. I look at him amazed - what would you really do if I was not here??
I twirl around to find a trash can downstairs, with a bag in it. I take out the half full bag and hand it to Lance 'tah-dah, trash bag. Now throw the sheets & pillows in the bag. Trash all of it trash.'
Rylan hears this and begins ' NO. not my hot-wheels sheets. Don't throw those away.'
Mentally I am not prepared to sit at the sink and rinse out these sheets and after the pillow chunks, it too is history.
Me ' I will get you new sheets I promise.' Rylan, 'no, mom. Santa brought them for me'.
Me 'I promise I will get you new ones - please!!'
I give Lance the go motion * you know the head nod that sends him in that direction.

I find Rylan's camouflage sheets and he seems content or too tired - who knows and who cares at this point.
Lance grabs the sheet off the top bunk and places it in the trash can, only it seeps on to the floor as well. Mentally I am preparing to have to wash everything down, this now includes the floor.
I make up the bottom bunk for Rylan and instruct him to get in bed. He returns with ' I am hungry.'
All together now GROSS. Lance is not phased by most of the events leads the kid up stairs to find him a snack. I am too wrapped up in clean up mode to pay attention.

But as a side note 'who really eats right after to lose their dinner?'
Apparently the men in my house. ugh.

I convince myself that him eating again will let me know if he is sick or just got chocked. Because the stomach flu is going around.
By 4am, they have eaten and a new bed is made, comforter in the wash, Rylan back in bed and I snuggle down. Guess who wakes up...
Yeap, god is punishing me. I am convinced he HATES me. Pyper wakes up to get out of her bed. I struggle with her for another 1/2 hour.
Here was my drive to work...

Highlight - Rylan did keep his second snack down, and went to school today.

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Farrell said...

OH man what a night!


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