Thursday, January 31, 2008

Better...but not great.

So last night the fever finally broke. She was fever free to most of the night and into the morning- yeah!!! She is snotty, and icky - but we are giving her an over the counter medicine for that. Did I mention that the medicine is gross, and makes her gag. Yeap, it gags her and then she pukes. NICE (not).
So last night I give her the medicine at 8pm, give her a milk cup and rocked her to sleep. I go to lay her in her bed, she has a coughing fit and puckes right in the middle of her bed. I am once again changing sheets, pillow cases, and Pj's. Yuck, yuck, yuck! *Did I mention that once i changed everything I just placed her in my bed. We will be starting from square one next week.
But on the bright side, the fever is gone.
Another bright side, hubby took off today to stay at home with her. Out of the blue, without being prompted -I wonder what he wants.....! So today Lance and Pyper are having a culinary affair, Lance is cooking Gumbo and Clam Chowder for the weekend.
Rylan is looking forward to being off school tomorrow, he is hoping they will get out early today. Ahh to be a kid again. Lance and Pyper will venture out today and look for a sled as preparation for tomorrow. Last time it snowed, Rylan used the lid to his toy box as a sled - it worked well, but he still wants his 'own'. You know a real one.
Pyper is getting stirr-crazy, she is putting on her socks & shoes two to three times a day begging to go. ' I go bye-bye...pse. I go..'. So this morning she puts her socks over her Pj's crams her fat foot into her shoes and comes around the corner to announce that she too is ready to go. I scoop her up, kiss her cheek and hand her to her dad. She was not happy about that one.
Rylan on the other hand is upset that he has to go, he wants to stay home with his dad, and lounge around.

Work is getting better, apparently karma is taking its toll on a few issues at work. A few individuals are getting a good swift kick of KARMA, and from the looks of it they must have been pretty BAD in the past. I am not a patient person, I hate to wait. But waiting has paid off in my office and change is in the air. Ahh, change and snow.

This weekend, we are going to Mardi Gras. I know I am a bad mom, Pyper has been sick all week. But I had this planned a month ago. Plus she is getting better (this is me justifying my actions).
Lance's brother / sister in law want to keep our kids...actually they called last night to make sure we were not going to rob them of the opportunity. They know the sickness that has been running through our house hold. They still want to keep the kids. They used to the term 'don't rob us of this opportunity'.
Plus it is just for one day/night.....just one. If Pyper keeps making her way fever free and feeling better, and IF she goes to day-care tomorrow then we are Mardi Gras bound.
If Pyper takes a turn for the worst, then my butt will be staying home. I won't send her feeling bad.....the next 24 hours are critical. Plus I think our room downtown is non-refunable.
I guess if worse comes to worse we could all just go stay overnight downtown, and use the pool. :)
time will tell.
Safe travels today and tomorrow.

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A Buns Life said...

Glad to hear she is finally on the mend!! I hope you guys get to go! We used to go every year, we had friends that lived at 11th and Russel....oh the days. Now it is just not the same without a home base. Jake puked 4x times last night and fell asleep at 6:45, woke up at 5:30 perfectly fine and rearing to go for the day so I sent him to school....I feel a little bad but he had no fever and ate a ton of breakfast and was his chipper usual self.


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