Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My mom's - cow in the bathroom

You think I am joking....gosh if you only knew the half of it.

We went to my mothers over the weekend, and yes they had a baby calf (two days old) in their spare bathroom. He was born in a creek, his mother left him there and the owner did not want to attempt to nurse the baby calf back to health, so they called my parents.

*As a side barr - last time I was home my dad brought home a 2 mth old girl calf. However, she was placed down at the barn in the pen built for her. Where the cows should be.

From an outsider looking in this may seem a bit out of the ordinary. My husband, who grew up in the same town; even found this cow in the bathroom situation a bit surprising.

I on the otherhand grew up in a household, where you NEVER knew what might be in our house or on the land. My mother had a pet Racoon for many years, we called her Ashley. Ashley shared the bed with most of us, she too was a baby when she arrived and made her way into our hearts. My mother fed her eggs and mini muffins every morning. If you smoked cig's then you got attacked, apparently the smoke made something in her brain trigger and she attacked you. (sorry Rachel - you were our learning curve on the cig smoke ;).

We had a sheep we named Randy - you guessed, he started out in the bathroom. He was the runt, a bit wimpy, with a gimpy leg. We kept him in the bathroom in order to keep him fed and in an attempt to help him thrive. Randy ended up being just fine, within no time at all he outgrew the bathroom and was placed in the field with the other sheep. Before long he was chasing my brother, and butting heads with everything in site.

We had a goat that always got its head stuck in the fence, because it was trying to eat the garden. We had pigs that were cute, so the got to spend sometime in the bathroom as well. We even tried to have a pet pig, I am not sure what happened to him.

We had a few cows also, but we never had baby cows to look after. Rather we adult cows, cows which required shots. My dad would run them thru the gate yell at me and my sister to have the shot ready and we would wing it. I still have nightmares about that one.

Lastly, we looked after two horses. One of them was crazy, and tried to run me into a tree one day (while I was 13). My foot was caught in the stirr-up, I was trying to get off and the damn thing took off running - dragging me aside of it. Then he ran into each and every tree he could, you could see the enjoyment in his eyes. Damn horse. I am ruined for life, over that incident.

Anyway, we had a mix-match farm - piecocks, ginnies, chickens, dogs, cats, cows, goats, sheep, horses etc. So to come home over 10 years later and see a cow in the bathroom did not surprise me. Everyone else did not take it in stride.

Pyper was terrifed. She has never seen a cow up close. She was afraid the could would come get her (mind you the cow never even stood up).

My grandmother brought her boyfriend over to 'see' the cow. Her boyfriend was 'shocked', and found the whole thing funny. My grandmother was delighted she could surprise her new boyfriend, at my mother's expense.

In the middle of the night, the cow got out of the bathroom, wandered thru the house and made its way into my mothers bedroom. It must have wanted to be close to her, because it made its bed at the foot of her bed. So, then they had a wandering cow in the house. The house had, 5 kids, 4 adults, and a cow. Isn't that the make-up of everyone's house???

*Sadly, the cow ended up dying on Sunday morning. It just could not pull thru getting cold and being abandonded.

I wonder what they will have next time we arrive, because if you think for one moment that there will not be another animal in the bathroom - you are saddly mistaken.

*I am not feeling much better, just trying to work thru it all. Sorry, if the post yesterday concerned everyone. I really am okay.

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