Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Okay so this month has been CRAZY in our house hold.

March 09 was Pyper's Birthday, then we had St. Patricks day (which we had to get candy and gold coins), then Easter, next is Rylan Birthday (this Sunday).

Last Thursday in a frantic mode I called BounceU and rented a room for Rylan. He finally decided to go to BounceU rather than go bowling. They are actually open on Sunday, which is his actual birthday, so I booked it for Sunday. Great! They were suppose to send me a packet of info, this packet would include cake choices, invitations etc. It is Wed, and I am STILL waiting on the packet. Last night on the way home I stopped by dollar tree and picked up some invitations. Rylan needs to hand some of them out today while he is at school.
I am sitting down last night filling out the invitations, half angry because the damn packet has still not arrived. humf.
Rylan hands out one of the invitations this morning at the babysitters and I hear 'March 09? Why does this say March 09?'
I look back rather flip and say 'because his party is March 09.'
Rylan looks horrified ' No. Mom, my birthday is March 30th - duh.'
Then it hits me - damn, March 09th is Pyper's Birthday. I filled out ALL of the invitations WRONG. On top of that I totally deflated Rylan. Could it get any worse. Yeap!
I open all of the invitations, and scribble out the 09 and put in the 30th - now they look like my daughter made them. I try to stuff them back into a re-opened, crumbled up envelop. Classic.
Rylan doesn't seem to mind too much, he just wants to hand them out today.
I get in my car, start heading to work take a turn and then it happens. My damn purse tips over and spills into my floor board - ugh!!! change, gloss, receipts, keys, a princess crown (who knows?), socks, money. All of this before 8am.
I am going to hole up in my office today for fear I have screw-up written all over my face today.

Request: Any tips on how to get a 2 yr old (sassy) girl dressed in the morning? She is at a stage now where she does not want to get dressed. At the babysitters she is taking her clothes off. A nudist in the making.

Now that it is Spring, it is time for Rylan to get his mo-hawk. He is keeping me to my promise. I told him he had to grow hair for winter - to keep his head warm. Now that spring has sprung it is mo-hawk time. He will be sporting a new hair-do this afternoon. I will post photo's with his happy birthday message - by Friday. I was worried about him not fitting in due to his clefting, clearly his cleft is the least of my worries. He asked me 'at what age can I get an earring?'
You know, I knew this would happen - I just expected it a bit later. I told him he had to wait until he was 10....that seemed to table the discussion for now.

Ever heard of the band Clutch...prob not. Well, they are my son/daughters favorite band at the moment. I will see if can link something up off of youtube....let's just say it is Hard Rock. Influenced by dear hubby. He says ' it is cool Michelle, they are a christian rock bank'. um.
That may or may not be true, but you can hear it blarring out of Rylan's room in the morning, all the while Pyper is in there head banging. ha!
Signing off for now.


Farrell said...

We all have days like that hun! hang in there. better day tomorrow.
as for getting dressed...just wait until she can put her clothes on by herself (or does she already?).
I threaten to take soph in her PJ's (which she may think is fun) and kicking, crying, screaming, I don't care. i HAVE to get to work. not fun.

A Buns Life said...

Find her currency in the morning....Olivia's is her cup of milk and watching tv in our bed while we get ready. She can't have either until she goes potty and gets dressed.

Sorry your morning was so rotten!!


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