Friday, March 28, 2008

Opening doors..

With each stage of childhood our house goes through some learning curve. As they learned to crawl, we had to search the floor for small items. Remove the items before they scooted over there and put the hazardous item in their mouth. Then they started to toddle and/or walk, everything that would have been placed at a comfortable level now had to be moved up and out of reach. Items such as remote controls, DVD players, cups, glasses, beer cans, candles etc.
Some of these items were moved up after we found out they were hazard.
Like when Rylan found the remote control on the coffee table pressed every damn button and suddenly I had to watch TV in Spanish for a weekend because I couldn't figure out how change it back. Lance was on the road and I had to wait for him to return to fix it.
Or when Pyper tried to step on the DVD disc holder when it popped out.....we had the DVD player on the bottom of the entertainment center (dumb). Hence our learning curve.
All lesson's learned.
We have installed those handy cabinet things that keep her from opening the cabinets that hold our cleaners etc. (we are patting our selves on the back...good job. go team parents).
Next to these plastic items are several other gadgets to proof your home. We ignored most of them, wondering why people would need a plastic door knob??
Well, now we know.
The bathroom in our house is a gathering place for my kids. Rylan will go potty, which makes Pyper feel as if she needs to join him. He sits on the big potty and she sits on her trainer. They both get books and so the games begin. I never get to go to the bathroom alone - unless Pyper is gone, asleep or outside. When I am in there, she tries to help me wipe, takes all of the paper off the role, wants to sit on my lap etc. It is just part of my life, but I always close the door.

We learned last night that she can reach the door knobs, and Lance was the first to experience her grand entrance.

Last night after Lance gets up to go to the bathroom, I begin cleaning the table. Pyper is wandering into the living room. Lance closes the door behind him and I assume begins to take care of business. I hear the bathroom door open and Pyper states 'what?'.
Lance response ' Pyper, daddy is using the potty. out.'
Mind you I can hear him peeing.....then I hear ' Get out. no don't TOUCH it. MICHELLE.'
Pyper is squealing with joy. She likes to see her dad get dramatic. She apparently was trying to touch the stream of pee, then wanted to move on to his boy parts. He was traumatized, and could not get it all put away fast enough. I scoot around the corner to get her out of the bathroom and let him attempt to get his composure.
He is distraught, out of sorts and clearly tramatized. Pyper on the other hand is rather pleased with herself and thinks it was funny that daddy was so loud.

While laying in bed last night, I was giggling about the incident (which he does not find funny). And I state ' now I know why they made those plastic door things. go figure.'
Ten to one says, when I get home tonight we will have stock pile of door things. He won't take anymore chances.

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Anonymous said...

Oh too funny. My 7 year old (when he was oh I guess 4) thought it was funny to announce to Walmart that mommy has hair on her pee pee. Our bathroom is the community gathering place at our house. When I want to go or to take a bath my husband decides he has to ask a question to me about any given thing, the boy walks in and the 16 year has to ask a question and the cat and dog must see what is going on. We only have one bathroom.



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