Thursday, March 27, 2008

Seven Sneaks Up....

I still remember the day I found out I was pregnant with him.....I thought my world was crashing down all around me. Lance & I were living together (living in sin), enjoying the fact that both of us had full-time jobs and traveled alot. We would spend our weekends, partying, going on dates and hanging out. We were careless, carefree and selfish. I liked to go out, sleeping in, traveling - did i mention how much I liked my sleep (ha!).

I was crabby, moody, and gaining weight - I figured I was eating out too much. Lance said one day, 'when was your last period?' Me 'I don't know...' I was rather flip, I was on the pill for gosh sakes. We waited a couple of more days, still no period. Lance suggested we at least take a test. Fine. I got to Walgreen's grab a generic test. Who wants to pay $15.00 for a test that is negative? Not me. I go home, pee on the stick and immediately I have two lines. I feel sick. I refuse the leave the bathroom. I pee on the second stick, convinced the first one is a mistake! Oh, no the second stick also has two lines immed - damn. I walk out the bathroom, without any pants on, holding two sticks, crying. What have I gotten myself into? I loved Lance, I knew I was suppose to marry him. BUT. Not like this. My world was falling apart (so I thought).

Lance, sitting on the edge of the bed. Knew, he just knew. He knew all along. He was so excited. He states 'well, I guess we should get married'. The rest is history. 3 weeks later we were married and winging it. We were 12 weeks preg when I peed on the stick.

*I would have gone to Walgreen's, peed in the floor and began dipping sticks to find just one negative test.

Rylan is my blessing in disguise. He is my hero, my learning curve and at this stage my easy child. He reminds me of Lion Heart (the carebear), he is big in stature - but has a heart of gold. I was worried for him being cleft, but he has taken it all in stride.

For the first 5 years of his life, he was the center of our world. He was 'it', he was given all of our undivided attention, money, time and love. Two years ago he became a big brother. He fell into this roll like a champ. He was meant to be a big brother. We thank god he was born first, he has the patience necessary to care for and put up with his sister.

To this day, I have no idea how he learned to pee standing up. His dad traveled alot when he was younger, and potty training. But in true boy form, he figured it out. Now if I could only get someone to teach him how to aim. ;)

He loves being outside. He loves baseball, soccer and football. He seems to be a real athlete. Which is strange, neither Lance or myself are really very athletic. Rylan runs like a deer, he has great stride and can run like the wind. He is tall, lean and lanky at times. He is growing faster than I can keep up, pants from two months ago are now high-waters.

He loves dirt, four-wheelers, monster trucks and Mustangs. He wants desperately for his dad to think he is 'cool' at all times. This year he learned to ride a bike, and is now trying to do wheelies.

He is branching out for his own independence, and as much as I had hoped for it when he was younger. I am saddened to see him pull-away. He doesn't want to kiss / hug in public. He does not mind at bedtime - but that is IT. He wants to dress a certain way, wear his hair a certain way and does not understand why he has to change his clothes everyday. ha!

He is a great student, he has made 100% on every single one of his spelling test. I hope he continues to like school. He is our chatter box at the dinner table. We are usual left sitting there waiting for him to finish, because he spent so much time talking during dinner. As he gets older, I will know to be really concerned about him IF he stops talking to us.

He has major interest in music, video games and the computer. We will be challenged as parents to remain engaged in his life. He is likely to leave us in the dust if we are not careful.
He is alot like his dad, he is interesting without being shocking. Let me explain....he will push his limits - already a mo-hawk. But for some reason, he blends in really well. He does not wear a mo-hawk to be shocking, he wears it because he likes it. He likes to fall into that 'semi alternative' category. He likes shocking and eccentric people, but fits in well with just about anyone. He has a softness about him that is warm and welcoming. I imagine him in a mo-hawk helping little old women across the road.
He has a smile that will melt your heart, he has compassion that surprised even me. He is competitive like his dad, and HATES to lose. But will give you the shirt off his back, if he thought it would make your day a little brighter.

Even at 7, I find myself learning from him just about everyday. He told me the other day, when I was apologizing for forgetting his hockey puck for show & tell ' mom, sometimes sorry doesn't make it better.' He stopped me dead in my tracks. how true.

I hugged him and said' that is the best I can do, today.' He shrugged in agreement. He captures my heart everyday with is compassion, thoughts and random silliness. Thank you for coming along and rocking our home with your keen sense of selflessness. You may be a big brother, but you will always be my baby. Hugs-n-snugs.


Farrell said...

I LOVE this! Happy Birthday, Ry!

You were on the pill and you got pregnant? YIKES! Did you take it all the time, every time?
Not the first person that's happened to I know, but I am so paranoid about that...

A Buns Life said...

Great post!! Happy Birthday!

This is the reason why we use double protection.....people make fun of us, but surprises can happen, even if you are diligent. :)

Jennifer M. said...

That was very sweet! You are such a wonderful Mommy! Rylan is the lucky one :)
Happy Birthday Rylan, you are one special "little" boy! Hard to believe that you are 7 already :(

C.y.n.d.y. said...

Hey, I'm blog-hopping today and wanted to say I hope Rylan had a Happy B-day. My DS turned 15 yesterday!


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