Monday, December 17, 2007

A Charlie Brown Christmas...

Okay so I FINALLY got my tree up and it looks like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. But, hey it is up and it has lights on it and a few hangie things. I normally wait until the last minute, because I am bothered by the fact that I even have to put one up at all. We are not HOME, why do I need a tree? We will be in the country.

I don't need a lot of emails telling me that I need one for the KIDS. I KNOW already. So now the kids will have a complete christmas, tree and all. Pyper broke 3 ordinaments last night and two tonight. She took off 4 candy canes, therefore everything had to be moved up higher. This task of moving items higher only fuled my point of ' why bother?'.

So this weekend we are planning to leave on Sat to head to the county. Saturday we are having a family affair. YEAH. It has been a long time since I have seen my family, and this will be my WHOLE family. I could not be more excited. Aunts, uncles, grandparents, family, friends, and perhaps even strangers - who cares. We are all getting together for the sake of getting together. We will hook up a radio, cook some food, and crank out the drinks. I smile just thinking about it. Our kids will be safe and happy. Who could ask for more?

Thanks santa for granting my wish....i needed to see them all.

Did I mention that my brother was going to make it also.....whoa!! He will be in from Arkansas. I am not singing any carols but I will participate in the egg nogg.

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