Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A day in Nov....with Friends.

Back in November one of my friends had a wedding reception and it was the first time in YEARS that all of my college roommates had gotten together.

In college I lived in a house with 4 other girls, we were a collection mismatched personalities that on an off day seemed to work well.

In the house we had Laurie the tall blond from West Co, Phoong the Asian from GA, Tina the Mexican from TX, Me the farm girl from MO, and Trisha the flat lander from IL. These girls are so much more than being blond, Asian and Mexican, but if you saw us walking down the street or shopping in the grocery store together you saw a melting pot of personalities.

The college we went to did not have frats , so the house was the closest experience we had to being in a soirety. We had to petition for our house, and we named it the 'community service house' * I know how gay. Our house was surrounded by the jocks, the art house, and the dance house. We attended a liberal arts school, so dance and drama were part of the package. In our petition we stated we would do several community service oriented task through out the year, and for the life of me I cannot remember performing one such task. My mind is filled with parties, sleeping in, couch jumping and Jerry Springer.

To live in a house on campus was something to experience. We all lived together for one year......that house holds so many wonderful memories for me. We had our fights and internal squabbles, how could we not....we had boyfriends, siblings, friends and family funnel in and out on a regular basis. Our house was dirty, our bathroom was disgusting, our fridge was normally bare, our clothes normally in a pile on the floor, and our books remained on the table until we HAD to open them. We would all bond over chicken soup (prepared by Phoong), drinks (box o'wine), and sad days influenced mostly by boyfriends.

Phoong was the most driven she slept with CNN blasting in the back round. Trisha the quirky one, we would bond over Prince and Jessies girl. Laurie the most neurotic and always fashionable (I am jealous). Tina the shopaholic (pack rat) and love blind. Me the flighty one, I tried to be driven, but would ditch a class to hang out with anyone interesting.

The experiences we had in that year have bonded us for life. Back in the house, one evening while drinking wine, a wager was made about who would get married first and last. Phoong and Tina fought over who would be last. At 18 or 19 I don't believe I really cared. But they held on to that notion 10 years later.

Tina got married this past May and Phoong got hitched this past Oct. And at sometime during each event one of them brought up that conversation. Phoong would state, 'I knew, I would be last'.

*Whatever, none of us knew. Who knew that we would all find love, have kids and actually be happy? Who knew that Laurie would have twins and stay home, Trisha would actually marry Thomas, I would marry Lance and it would be okay, Tina would let go, be strong, move away and find love in a person not named Mike and Phoong would find love with a guy with a personality? God has been good to us through out the years.

It is hard to imagine that we all contribute to society these days, we are wife's, parents and professionals. Aside from that we are still friends. Not best friends, but friends, and friends we can still count on should something arise. We don't see each other as often as we should, nor do we call. But in the nature of true friendship, we don't have too. Once we all get together we pick up right where we left off. We embrace each others shortcomings and support each others decisions, even if they aren't something we agree with.

I really enjoyed seeing everyone again, and thank god that he placed each of you in my life. Now we continue to add to our little circle, our husbands and kids help mold the people we are today. As life continues to hand us joy and disappointment, we will remain steadfast and friends.

Pyper expresses it best how I feel. I can be myself around you guys, and that makes me Happy.
Thank you!

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