Monday, December 3, 2007

Saturday - shop with a cop..

So this weekend was pretty much how I expected.

On Saturday I went to work to help support the local shop with a cop program. I work for a city and decided to contribute money and time to a local family. I brought Pyper along for the adventure, while hubby and bubby stayed at home. We were given one child to help shop for Christmas at the local Walmart. Our child was 6 yr old girl, she was a delight.

It was a bit difficult to shop and not let Pyper get any thing, but she did well. Our child's name was Lydia, she was one of four siblings and she spent her money on everyone but herself. I spent approx 4 hours with Lydia and enjoyed every moment of it.

As a rule of thumb I don't shop Wal-Mart. My husband is union and VERY anti-walmart. I KNOW Walmart would save me money, and i have tried until I was blue in the face to get my husband to come over to the otherside, but he refuses. Now, I do make my own money, but out of respect for what he is trying to stand up for I do not shop walmart (much to my disappointment). So as a non-walmart shopper I was impressed by their toy section and their prices. Lance tells me 'we don't shop walmart because they do not treat their people well, and they are supporting the Chinese. '

I responded ' do you even know one personthat works at wal-mart? because I don't'.

Lance ' no.'

Me ' than how can you stand on the idea that they treat their employees bad? I think that is a cop out.'
Anyway, moving on. I took Lydia to Walmart along with 32 other deserving children and several other volunteers. It was a great cause and melted my heart. I am truly grateful for my family, our jobs and our ability to make ends meet. I hope you do something special with your time and money this season.

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