Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Last minute CRAP...

I am told daily by our ever so smart 6 yr old how many days we have until x-mas. So this morning I was met with 'only 7 days until Santa'.

Me - 'what no good morning, how are you, how'd you sleep?'

Son ' no, just counting down until Christmas'.

Me - 'great.'

I keep hoping that it is all a bad dream, that i really have 30 days left until Christmas. I am half-ass done, as usual. I am a last minute kind of girl - I like to stress out, bit every one's head off and get things done. I get in 'go' mode and kick the project out - I am viewing Christmas as a project. And between shopping and wrapping I could die.

So I was sorting thru my list and realized I forgot to get crap for the teachers, damn, the list keeps getting longer. So hubby informs me he too has some last minute stuff to get. So I asked 'which night this week are you going to go?'

Hubby ' I don't know'

Me ' OMG. You go Wed after work and I will go Thursday'.

A COSMO sounds really good right now.

Did I mention the lady who works for me has not been in the office for one full week in the last two months. I don't want to be the 'bitchy' boss, but we are only a team of two, I need her to be here and be productive. So she showed up today, coughing and hacking. I gave her the hairy eye-ball - you know the one that says ' if you make me sick, I will KILL you'.

I need her here, but I don't need her here if she is sick. I am in a bit of a situation at the moment.

On a brighter note I have taken 1/2 a day on Friday (to wrap while everyone is at work/school), and I am getting my hair cut tomorrow. Maybe a new hair cut will make me happy.

Side-barr * we are having the biggest loser contest at work, I have been wavering about signing up. So a co-worker called me and asked me to be on their team. They started out the call with ' don't take this personal, but are you signing up?' um. Believe it or not there is something personal about that phone call. I ended up signing up. I fear I will have to forgo Starbucks, it is prob best if I avoid all people.

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