Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It is over...

As I peek out from the covers the morning, I mummer - 'is it over?' Then wham, my face is met by a foot covered in Pj's, it is Pyper restless in my bed.

Christmas has hit me like a ton of bricks, between the packing, driving, eating, talking, sleeping in strange beds and battling a 2 yr old, I am SPENT.

I am too tired and pissy to write about the weekend and all it entailed. I am too damn lazy to download my photo's today, so they will have to wait. Here is the jist - family, food, fun. Somewhere among it all I left my cheery self behind and picked up the bitchy attitude and allergies. My head is pounding, my nose is running and I cannot remember much about the last 4 days. I wish I could say I drank too much to remember and spent time wrapped around a toilet puking pink from all the cosmos. But that is not the story. My neck is out of whack from sleeping in a strange bed every night and from having Pyper wrapped around my head. My fingers are sore from scissors, tape and wrapping paper, my ears hurt from Pyper's screaming when she did not get her way and I gained 2 lbs. Merry F'ing Xmas.

Every ad on the Internet is 'weight loss for FY 2008' - ugh. Screw it.

*god please send me some drugs.......

A few highligths among the state of discontent:

1) Rylan loved his guitar and speed stacks.

2) Pyper loves her baby stroller and $1.00 princess shoes.

3) Lance was shocked by his dorm fridge full of beer.

4) We did not go broke - close, but not broke.

5) it is over, and I am looking forward to new years. .......

Bring on FY 2008, my list is short and simple for FY 2008
1) For Pyper to sleep all night in her own bed (not MINE).

2) To lose that last 7lbs that keep haunting me

3) One good night out with my girlfriends...................

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