Thursday, December 6, 2007

um? Things you 'might' not know

Random thoughts and facts:

Fact - I hear that the fastest way to get drunk is by funneling the stuff thru your butt.

You might want to stop there, today's post does not get much better.

Fact - As a child in grade school I could write with both hands, hence using both sides of my brain. I choose to be left handed (which might explain ALot about me).

Fact - I can touch my tounge to the bottom of my chin, but not the tip of my nose. um.

Fact - I can put my whole fist in my mouth (boredom can make you act like an idiot). The trick is getting it out.

Fact - I have one tatoo (big toe) and 6 piercings. 5 in my ears and one in my stomach.

Fact - last night Rylan asked if he could get his ears pierced. We acted as if we did not hear him.

Fact - I can hit a baseball with my left or right side (switch batter), but I cannot use right handed scissors.

Fact - my toe next to my big toe is my longest toe.

Thought - I think my son will be smarter than me by the time he is in the third grade.

Fact - I went to college to get a degree in dance and graduated with an Accounting degree. I could not leap with my left leg.

Fact - I have an Accounting degree and struggle to figure out a tip. My husband is scared!!

Fact - Starbucks is addicative and expensive.

Fact - I can pickup almost anything up with my toes. I 'think' if I had to I could eat with my toes. Chop Stix might pose a problem. Soup could be messy.

Fact - I am afraid of heights. I can barely drive over a bridge without freaking out.

Fact - I am stalling so I don't have to finish my work. ;)

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