Monday, December 10, 2007

Winter -

Winter is here and I am miserable. I HATE winter. I hate snow, ice, cold, wind, boots, coats, sweaters, gloves etc. So what the hell am I doing in STL Mo - freezing my *arse off?

Every year I beg my husband to move us some place warm, breezy with a cabana boy and a drink with an umbrella. I would (in theory), get a tan, stay tone and enjoy going outside.

Instead he settles for me being pasty white, flabby (after two kids), and stirr-crazy between the walls of my work / home.

Normally I range between bitch and bitchier - I have layers :).

But in Winter, I am Miserable, so you can guess where that places everyone else.

I have thought about tanning during these bleak months, where the official color is gray. But given my Irish blood, tanning beds are my enemy..... I walk out with a red splotchy face, and burnt all over. I look like a walking candy cane, becuase you can see the lines from the tanning beds burnt into my skin. Not pretty.
Not much of a reprieve. So damn you winter for casting your gray clouds and sprinkling our roads and trees with ice. No fluffy snow here, just slick ice.

Did I mention that 99% of STL cannot drive in the ice/snow.

Someone save my frustrated soul.

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Farrell said...

I don't have time to tan. Or do my nails. Or my toes, blah blah.
Also, Irish too.
You certainly don't LOOK flabby.


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