Thursday, December 20, 2007

Letter to Santa & Hannah Montana..

Okay, so I suck. Rylan keeps his x-mas list posted on the fridge. It serves two purposes on the fridge, one it is a reminder of his x-mas wishes, two it allows him to keep updating it at a moments notice. It seems like the list gets longer after each commercial.
Last night Rylan informs me that I need to mail the list to Santa today. So here I am at work, and no list. The damn thing is still posted on the fridge. Do you think I can tell Rylan that I am going to 'fax' the list to Santa? Or perhaps I can call the list in to Santa's hotline for 'good kids'? ugh.
Also last night I am looking thru Rylan's folder from school and I find a letter to Hannah Montana. Rylan sees me pull out the letter and I begin reading it out loud, Rylan turns red and semi-embarrassed. It reads something like this - Hello, Hannah Montana. I like you, and your music. When I grow up I want to be a rock star, maybe some day we could rock-out on stage. ha!!
I look across the kitchen to Lance who is placed at the sink, we smirk at each other and continue on about our business. Who knew Hannah was so popular? I kind of did, I have 6 nieces who LOVE her, and apparently the boys kind of dig her too.
So Santa if you can hear me, Rylan has been fairly good boy this year. He has been pleasure to watch grow up. Please send me your fax number so I can get this task taken care of.

Lastly, I give up. I am done with this Christmas season.

I want drink so much that I look like this... (kidding). Hopefully it makes you smile.

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Raquita said...

you are just as kick ass as me - I like you alot!!


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