Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Moving right along..

Okay, now that EVERYONE is familiar with my husband and his antics - I will move on.

*But before I move on, I must admit that to this date he does not see anything wrong with what transpired last Friday night.
I did see the Mayor today, during a meeting with the business owners and he was pleasant. No harm done - yet.
I keep the video stream on my desk-top - it keeps me smiling, when my day gets a bit tough.

Yesterday, Lance had to pay an electrician / heating & cooling guy to replace our thermostat. The thermostat would be fine, had he not flung it across the room a week earlier. One of his pet-peeves is listening to the heater / air conditioner kick on. He stops what he is doing to listen to them kick on and ensure that 'everything sounds right'.
I look at him sideways 'what the hell does alright sound like - exactly?'
As usual he ignores me....well last week the heater did not kick on. Lance KNEW it was the thermostat, he messed with that damn thing for two days straight. Once he 'thought' he got it fixed, it would sound funny.
Then one day next week the digital thermostat had no numbers on the face, it was dead. Lance tried everything he could to get it to come back to life.
He wiggled it, it banged it, he cursed it, he walked away and then came back for more. Only this time he was going to show the Thermostat who was boss, this time he REALLY wiggled it, banged it, and CURSED it. Rather than walking away, he ripped it off the wall.
(Very mature)
So for two days our house was barely 60 degrees, the kids slept in their winter sleepers with extra covers.
I overhear Lance talking to one of his friends about the thermostat, and I hear Lance state ' it has a battery?' I whip my head around and glare at him 'are you kidding me, you ripped the damn thing off the wall, and all you needed to to was change the battery?'
Lance assures me that it did not need a battery, it HAD to be something else.
I look at him ' well, now it is clearly something else - because the thermostat won't even stay on the wall and there are wires hanging out. Today it is SOMETHING else, yesterday it was the battery. IDIOT.' ( i use the term lovingly).
He called the heating and cooling guy, the guy came by yesterday - replaced the thermostat and we paid for a maintenance program.
The guy leaves and Lance states ' I could have done that! It was just two wires and a few screws.'
Me ' Of course you could have. Yes, dear' (yes, I am being sarcastic). And so the day goes on, only now the DePew family is a bit warmer...and/or cooler. Because I have turned the air on - ha!

*I have changed my format - so now you guys can see my new post immed. Let me know if you like the change.
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A Buns Life said...

welcome to The Guild! I sent you an email with the info for the sleep expert....

cyndy said...

Ohh, that sounds like something my hubby would do!
Love the new format.


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