Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Party Photos and other stuff.

Rylan turned 7 on Sunday. He got his spring mo-hawk on Saturday - per the promise that I made over Christmas. He had a great time at BounceU (in South County). We had kids, pizza, soda and cake.

You can see Pyper enjoying the pizza, she too had a great time. She luvs a party.

*Here is a photo of My mother (red coat) my sister (eyes closed), Grant my sisters youngest son. In the back round is my cousin Joey, Josh, and Lance with Pyper.

Here is a photo the KIDS that came to help us celeberate. Thank you for making the day really special for Rylan.
*Note: this is my 96th post (who knew I had so much to say?). As an update, I am still taking my medicine and getting a grip on it all. Thank you for the out-pour of concern. Reality sucks at times, but we are taking it in stride.
Congrats to my cousin Joey - he just found out he is having baby #2. Sending warm thoughts and prayers your way.

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