Thursday, April 3, 2008


I have lunch with Lance today, he is off work and taking care of Pyper. No one is sick, the sitter needed off, she is holding a benefit this weekend and has a few lose ends to wrap up. No big deal.

During lunch today I asked Lance how Pyper was when they dropped Rylan off at school. He said as normal ' she cried, because she wanted to go too'.
The he looks really serious. 'Michelle, the principal pulled me aside and said she needed to speak with us about Rylan'.
I look at Lance sidways....I am thinking, 'rylan, not rylan...this is strange.'
Lance continues' apparently another parent called the school to complain about Rylan. Rylan is apparently playing too rough with another kid on the bus. He is apparently, hitting this kid in the balls /cods (that is what we call them) and twisting this kids arm.'
I am shocked, and speechless...'what?' Is about all I can manage.
I am imagining myself being the parent of a child that comes home and hears about how another child is treating him. I am angry, and saddened to think that Rylan 'could' be acting this way.
I look over at Lance and ask ' what are we going to do?'
Lance ' I am going to talk with him once he gets home. The principal said she too was going to speak with Rylan to see what was going on.'
I am reeling..Rylan, really. This does not really sound like him. Well, it sort of sounds like him, if he was horsing around with the other kids. But I cannot imagine him not stopping when the other kids asked him to stop.
I am not one of those parents who thinks my child can do no wrong. I just am not sure what the complete circumstances are at the moment.
As Lance drops me off after lunch, I glance over and state ' I am really upset about the Rylan, thing. We may need to dig deeper, and if it is true then he will go to this kids house and apologize and we need to tell the parents we are also sorry. '
Once i got back to my desk, I left a message for the principal. I want to know the specifics. There are times when Lances delivers the message that things get lost in translation. I think something must have happened, why else would a parent call?
This evening should be interesting....our first 'talk' with our son. We will discuss keeping our hands to ourselves, hurting other people, and when to take it all down a notch. He has a tendency to get ramped up and rowdy and is not ready to quit when everyone else is.
I pray there is not more to this, but I am open to finding the truth - whatever it is.


Farrell said...

Hmmm...please do give us an update!

cyndy said...

I hope it's nothing major going on, just horseplay going too far. I know how hard that can be!


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