Wednesday, April 23, 2008


WPA is the Webkinz Protection Agency (for those of you that did not know!).

Last night Rylan informs us that he cannot locate his library book, and we will be charged $16.00 unless it is returned.
Lance informs Rylan that he must return one of his Webkins in order to pay for it, since he was the one that mis-placed it.
Rylan without even blinking an eye responds, ' I already, took the tag off of it; and the store won't take it back.'
Rylan glances around the table, rather proud of himself.
Lance responds 'we will just take it to the WPA'.
I shoot a look at Lance, and Rylan whips his head around 'the what? What is the WPA?'
Lance very calmly ' the Webkinz Protection Agency. This is the place where people can drop off their Webkins, when the store won't take them back. They are then placed up for adoption.'
*By now Lance looks very pleased with himself. And I smile back at him, very impressed.
Rylan responds " I have never heard or seen such a place. Besides who will take care of my webkin, once I decide which one to give up?''
Lance clearly still on mark responds ' the place is off of HWY 40, and since the HWY is closed they are having some difficulty getting the webkinz dropped off. We can just mail it to them, and them with the code / password and they will take care of everything from there.'
Rylan is beginning to look bewildered. He looks at me for support, I hide my face in my glass of wine to shield my smile, and giggle. I cough so I don't laugh out loud.
Rylan then states ' perhaps, I could 'work' it off. I really want to keep all 3 of my webkinz. '
So there you have it folks the WPA - we have set up a protection agency for the webkinz, and apparently it works better than taking video games away in our house hold.

Two other light things.
1) Lance drove his fathers pink Cadillac to work today. You know the mauve ones that were popular in the 90's. Well, we took his father to the airport last week, and are keeping his car until he returns next weekend. Lance in his ball-cap, t-shirt and overhauls - hopped in the pink cadd'y today. ha!!! *mind you, he works construction - he normally drives a truck. Today he looks like white pimp from hoozier vill'. That is how we ride in the Jeffo.

2) Rylan was fitted for his "W" appliance today at the ortho. He was a complete champ! I am so impressed with him. This sets us one step closer to a bone graph (which scares the CRAP out of me), but one thing at a time. He is excited to have this thing in his mouth, and feels very special with it. Now,we have metal and a mo-hawk.

On the darker side -
Pyper SUCKS! someone help me....PLEASE. That child was up from 2:30am until 5am this morning whining for a milk cup, whining to get up and lay on the couch. I REFUSE to get her a milk cup, so I got her water. IF (really big IF), she was really thirsty should would drink the water. She did not drink the water, rather she screamed and threw a fit. She is programmed to 'think' she needs milk at 2:30. I am trying to break the habit and STILL trying to get her to sleep all night. She is going to break me, and perhaps even Lance.
How do people REALLY get their kids to sleep all night?
We have structure, she takes a bath, eats, and then it is bedtime. Always at 8:30, she goes to bed fine. Once in bed she is up at 11:30 asking to get in my bed, and by 2:30 she is asking for milk. Like clock work.
Now here is the kicker - if I give her the damn milk at 2:30, she will go right to sleep, no problem. I know you are thinking, 'she must be hungry'. No, she eats dinner - she is a great eater.
Therefore by process of elimination she has been deemed 'the devil child'. The child that won't shut-up, the child that is going to KILL me. How can I love this child so much and not stand her at the same time??? Perhaps she is a vampire, and rather than sucking my blood, she is going to cause wrinles, bags and bald spots (because she pulls at my hair all night too). HELP!


Jennifer said...

At least you are starting early, I cannot get my son to sleep in his own bed without a fight and he is 7. I tried the "ferber" method when he was her age, I tried the I will take everything away and it didn't work. When/If you find a way, please let me know.

cyndy said...

I'm so seriously stealing the WPA idea! That was brilliant!

A Buns Life said...

There is a great sleep specialist at St. Lukes. I can get you her name and number if you are interested. They will want 3 weeks of tracking....what she did and your reaction to her sleep disruption prior to the appt.


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