Friday, June 6, 2008

Bob, Barb, David & Denise - where are you??

And I thought I was too old to use a *fake name at the barr.
I also thought I was too old to stay out until 2am on a work night. Well, apparently last night I regressed.

Lance and I *had* a game plan, prior to leaving we agreed, we would leave the benefit prior to 11pm and get home in time for bed and work. Well, as usual we got caught up in the moment - enjoyed ourselves and by the time 11 o'clock rolled around we not ready to go home. We thought out loud 'why go home, the kids are in the country until Saturday - and we will be able to get up tomorrow.'

All I can say is - bad idea!!! We should have stuck to the game plan.

The benefit went well, everyone seemed to have a good time and money was raised. Plus, for me personally, I had friends and family around - so I was happy. The friends that I invited all won some sort of prize - from a BIG bottle of wine (5 liters) to cards tickets. I laughed, ate, danced and drank. For real, what could be better??

As we were leaving, in the parking lot our friends ask to con't going out. And since they live 1/2 mile from us, we would just go some place close to home. This is where the night went wrong.

We decided on a place that is a hole in the wall...picture this.
The owner of the bar went to h.s with the girl we are with, and he is on stage playing guitar and singing a BAD version of the song freebird. The version that makes your ears bleed, unless of course your drunk girl and dancing in hot pants in front of this man. You know the girl, with waist long hair - that by the end of the night is swinging her head around in front of the guitar, so her hair is one way and her butt is another. The bar has several pool tables, which are full - and one girl playing pool is actually in her pj's. SWEAR. She has on pink/plaid flannel pants, a pink tank top and slippers. She is flirting with the Harley-Davidson reject - you know the one that thinks he still needs to wear his riding gloves even though he has been off his bike for 4 hours.

This is the place we choose to continue our night. Last time we were here, we got kicked out. Some guy was looking at my butt, Lance got in his face and we got kicked out.

We walk in - 4 of us (us and another couple). And we see the guy is at the bar. The same guy that Lance had words with. Lance gives him the hairy-eye ball, and the guys ignores him.
I, on the other hand, cannot help but to make fun of the girl dancing. Hence, she sees me. But she is too drunk to realize i am making fun of her - she thinks I am inviting her over to dance and/or talk. I am mortified, and trying to recover; because I don't want to throw down with drunk girl.

Lance tells her that we are all swingers, and we all left our spouses at home so we could all go out with each other. The other girl in our group, tells drunk girl, that we are together. 'Because girls really do know how to treat each other right.' OMG.

The drunk girl goes around the table and begins to ask for names....I hear my name is Bob (lie!), Barb (lie) - and Lance says his name is - David, so I throw out Denise.
Here I am 30 plus years old - using a fake name. I thought those days were over.
The conversation got worse from there, it turned foul and I had to shut it down. Gasp* I left Denise and her personality at the door, and got in the car as Michelle.
This morning we slept thru the alarm, scrambled like crazy heads to get out the door. Thank god for Tylenol and coffee. Now all I need is alittle sleep.
*I am missing my kids, and cannot wait to see them.
Tonight, we will not be too aggressive - perhaps dinner and a movie from blockbuster.
Still planning on camping on Saturday. I will have photos to share from our camping trip.
Have a good weekend!!

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