Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wed and planning.....for the weekend.

Is it Wed already?? I woke up this morning thinking it was Tues.
This evening I will run around like a chicken with my head cut off...

I will pick up the kids from the sitters. Go to my sisters to load them up in her van (w/her 4 kids) and we will ALL make our way to the country (down past Farmington).
My mom is going to keep all of our kids until Saturday.
-Thursday night I have a benefit at Andre's to attend from 7-11. My sister put the benefit together to help her friend who lost her husband recently. Anyone is welcome to come...
*For $40.00 you will get dinner, drinks (beer, wine, and mixed drinks-open BAR) and music from Johnny Rocket.

-Friday night, I 'think' we might go to Ameristar to see the Wild Stallions. If we don't do that, then Lance and I will do something fun- I demand it. I suggested to him that we either go to a dinner theater or go to the funny bone. We will see what Friday brings.

-Saturday we will head to the country to pick up our kids - but rather than bring them home, we have decided to take them camping on the black river. My mother lives 15/20 minutes from the black river and Rylan is so excited he cannot stand himself.
*I don't really expect that Pyper will stay the night, she is a bit too little (I think). So, her and I will stay at my mothers for the evening, while to boys bond over the camp-fire.
PLUS, I just found out that my brother is in town as well, and plans to be camping at Black River lodge for the weekend, so as a bonus, I will get to see my brother and his kids as well. My brother currently lives in Arkansas, and is in town on a job interview/vacation. Him and his family will be staying in a cabin - but Lance plans on staying in a tent.

- Sunday, we will drive home and attempt to relax.

*I 'think' we are planning an adult float trip the weekend of the 14th? Still waiting for those plans to pan out. My toes look good, but my thighs could use some work. They look better the more drinks I have. Come to think of it, my husband looks better the more drinks I have as well - ha!!!

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Lisa said...

You've got alot going on! Hope the benefit goes well and you have a blast this weekend. Camping and out with family sounds so fun!


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