Tuesday, June 10, 2008

River -haunts me!

Dear gosh, my car smells like garbage. Why you may ask - because apparently the cooler plug came off and the water drained into my car / at the same time the lighter fluid also leaked into my car.
Guess who was in charge of packing the car and sealing these items - dear ol'hubby. I called him at lunch today, stating 'my car (trailblazer) STINKS!!'
Apparently, my spare tire has a compartment in the bottom of my trunk rather than on the side. Which equals a pool of YUCK - because the cooler water and lighter fluid are resting next to the tire iron.
*Only, I didn't know I had a pool of YUCK, until it started growing hair, feet and arms. It is the type of smell that burns your nose hairs.
I think I smell like garbage, you know how smells 'stick' to you. Sort of like being in a smoky barr - only I am in a stinky carr. ugh.
Secondly, last night I tell my hubby that I am still carrying my extra 10 lbs from having Pyper - mind you she is 2(two). He states 'well, if you would quit eating those late night snacks, you could lose it.' Mind you, it is 10pm and he is sitting in his recliner with a carton of ice-cream between his legs. Not a bowl of ice-cream - the damn carton.

I envision myself smashing his head into the carton. But, wanting to avoid any further aggravation with him, I flip him the bird and go to bed. Here is the kicker - I dreamt about ice-cream, I woke up thinking about ice-cream. grrrr.


Farrell said...

For that comment, deny sex for a month.
When will men get it?? NEVER comment about what a woman eats or her weight! God! Why is it so hard? LESSON #1 GUYS IN DEALING WITH WOMEN. MEMORIZE IT!!!!!

Lisa said...

Men just don't get it, do they? Even the "little ones" will ask, "Mommy. Why is your butt so big?" (Ok. Maybe your kids don't ask that. Mine does.) It must start early.


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