Friday, June 27, 2008


So DID Lance remember my birthday?
Well, yes and no. More NO than yes.
Mind you I reminded him Saturday - that is why I had a girls night out. And I reminded him Tuesday - again. So how could he forget by Wednesday - because he sucks!
I called him twice on Wednesday, to check in - as usual. We talked about him picking up the kids, and what he would cook for dinner - normal stuff.
He said he was cooking spaghetti, clear sign that he 'forgot' it was my birthday. Aside from the fact that he never said 'happy birthday'.
I get home around 5pm, and I see a cake hidden (not very well) behind the coffee pot. Yes, it is a small round cake. ha! I giggle to myself...that is him winging it.
I bring in the flowers and necklace the lady in my office bought me. And flat out ask him if he forgot, he grins sheepishly, and replies 'yes. until Pyper reminded me by saying 'cake'.' He continues ' we were right at the top of the subdivision, and Pyper starts rambling and she is saying 'cake, cake', that was when it hit me, that it was your birthday.'
I laugh out loud. 'I knew you forgot.'
I go to give Pyper a bath, and while she is in the bath Lance has Rylan sign the last minute card he pick-up from Shop-n-Save. After dinner we attempt to cut into the half frozen cheese cake - also pick-up from Shop-n-Save.

*Here is the kicker - he got me a silver charm bracelet from K-Mart. I told him I wanted earrings from K-Mart (their Silver dept is ALWAYS on sale). Instead, I get a charm bracelet with household items as charms. I laughed when I saw the charm in the shape of a coffee pot and iron. If I didn't laugh at him, I would kill him.


Farrell said...

he needs some lessons! you two have been together too long for him to forget! you have a better sense of humor than i.

Jennifer M. said...

YES, he REALLY NEEDS to be trained!


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