Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Shhh...daddy sleeping.

Let me set the tone ..... I leave last night around 6:30 to attend a night meeting. I have to attend two night meetings a month. We ALL understand this schedule, so it should be no big deal. I get out of the meeting by 9 and I am home by 9:30. My kids are, normally, in bed by 8:30.
I get home, walk thru the kitchen and I hear the TV still on. No big deal, I figure Lance is up watching the history channel. I round the corner and see Pyper laying on the couch, next to her dad. Her dad is lounged out, arm behind his head, hand in his pant and snoring. Pyper on the other hand, pops her head up as soon as she see's me and grins. She jumps up, starts talking and trys to get past her dad - as she passes him she stops, places her little finger to her lips and states 'Shhhh mom, dad seeping.'

I snort -IMAGINE that! Dear heaven - what is he doing????

I nudge him once, twice - THREE times. He looks startled ' uhh, what are you doing home?'

And the beat goes on.............

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