Thursday, June 5, 2008

Never Dull.....

I thought last night would be smooth and easy transition, but apparently the kids took an extra dose of 'crack'. All 6 of them were terrors - and we had to drive 1 1/2 hours south. DEAR GOD!!
I made it to my sisters in record time - 5:30pm. We loaded up the van, only this load was an extra load. It had 6 kids, 6 over night bags, two adults and a pool from Sams. That's right, a big pool from Sams for my mother. In order to load the kids and pool, we took out the middle seats, put the pool and 3 kids on the floor. *I know, they should be in seats and have belts - next time, I swear. (My mother requested the pool due to the fact that it was going to be so damn hot, and it would give the kids something to do.)
So, the three little kids get buckled in the back seat and the three older kids gather on the floor around the pool. We stop at McDonald's to grab dinner - *because we are AWSOME parents.
We make 45 minutes down the road and they are still hungry; we stop at another McDonald's to get more food. There should be a law against this!
The kids fight, argue, then get wired on the McDonald's. The sound of the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie in the back round is not enough to temper their moods. The little kids are hitting each other, the older kids are now tearing apart their happy meal bag and using the pieces as spit wads. UGH..the squealing, the giggling, the crying and the chipmunks in the back round - my head still hurts.
Finally, we make it to our parents house and the kids unload. They cannot get out fast enough, their feet hit the drive-way and the scatter. To the jungle-gym, to find the new kittens, to find my parents etc.
Pyper on the other hand is stuck in her seat - the buckle is on, and she is MAD. I get her and she is pissed!! I try to calm her down, and in an instant she sees my dad - she is trying to get out of my arms; because he will comfort her.
He smiles at her and states ' Are you here to see me? I have been waiting for you.'
At that moment, her fit stopped, she smiled, she grabbed his hairy face and answered 'yes, papa. I hay(stay) here wit you.' His heart melts and they walk off. All is well in her little world, and he gets a glimpse of love without parameters. The joy of a child is amazing.
It is strange, I am like a kid too when I get home. I still consider my parents home a part of my home. So, since the plan was to drop them off, I am trying to get out of there as fast as my little feet will carry me. My sister has the same plan. We unload bags, say brief hello's - then goodbye's and we are back in the van - without kids or a pool in 15 minutes flat.
Here is the kicker....Pyper can sense that I am leaving. But, rather than be upset that I am leaving, she is afraid that I am going take her back with me. She is holding on to my mom's leg for dear life, telling me bye. I get in the van, they are on the porch and she keeps looking at my mom to make sure she is not going to pick her up and take her near the van. Because she is not getting back in the damn van with me.
Once Pyper figures out that she 'really' gets to stay, she starts yelling 'bye mom, bye mama..'
Funny, she is as happy to see me go ; as I am to be leaving.
I am telling my mother bye at the same time my child is telling me bye. Full circle in one moment. And there is my mother surrounded by 7 children as her grown children take off ;and everyone is happy.
The drive home, just me and Misty was wonderful. We were two mom's in a mini-van, but we felt like to teenagers in a T-bird. We rolled down the windows, opened the sun-roof and cranked the radio. We sang at the top of our lungs for 1 1/2 hours......we sang Black Crows, Foo Fighters, Bob Seeger, Janis Joplin, AC/DC, etc.
We gasped like little girls when we hit a bird - so we thought. But when we stopped at a stop sign, it flew out from under the car. Then 30 minutes later, we almost hit a possum. Yeah, girl shirek.
I took a moment between songs, to look over at my sister and relish in the moment of it just being her and I. We would drive around as teenagers, radio cranked, hair blowing - without a care in the world. For a moment we were back there, and just glad to be around each other, without saying a word - we said a thousand I love yous.
Black Grows singing 'she talkes to angles $85.00 for XM subscription
One in half hours in the car with just your sister - PRICELESS.

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