Thursday, June 19, 2008

Is it over?

I have been mending sick kiddo's....
Tuesday I took Rylan to the Walgreens doc-n-a-box, because our doctor is on vacation. I knew he had swimmers ear, so I thought it would be a no-brainier. Just issue me some ear drops and send us on our way. PLEASE. The kid was in pain Monday night, woke me up at 3:30 in tears because it hurt so bad. I gave him some pain med, and a heating pad and sent him back to bed. That seemed to hold him over until we could get in at 8am.
The doc gave us some ear drops, while giving the doc Rylan's medical history I stressed he is cleft and he has tubes. The doc states, I cannot see his tubes, but his ears are infected. He issued me drops, I went to get them filled and we waited for the relief.
Today is Thursday and STILL no relief.
Well, let's back up. I get home last night around 4:30 and Pyper is alseep. Warning flags go up, this is not like her. Lance states ' the sitter says Pyper started running a low fever around 2pm, and was clingly.'
I called the sitter to confirm. I go to check on Pyper around 5pm and she is burning up -her temp is 103.4. I freak out. I start taking her clothes off, trying to give her a water cup and trying to get Motrin down her. Once the Motrin kicks in, she feels better - even good enough to eat. She ate all of her dinner and 'seemed' to be feeling fine. But I knew her feeling better was only masked by the Motrin. Around 11pm, I check on her again - the fever is back. Another dose of Motrin and she is back to sleep. 3:30 am - Rylan is up crying his ear hurts and Pyper is crying and just ick.
I decide that I would take them BOTH to Urgent Care first thing in the morning. I mean for real, it is Thursday - Rylan's ears should be feeling better.
We arrive at Urgent Care today at 9am - we are not seen until 11:30. OMG.
Then it takes the doctor another 45 minutes to get to our room. The kids are about to kill each other and tear up the room. FINALLY the doctor comes in, and she is confused to see two charts. She states 'SO, which child am I going to see?'
Me ' Actually, both children are here because they are sick.'
Long story short, her attitude sucked - but I got over it. Pyper has strep throat and the drops that the doc-n-the-box gave us CANNOT be used on kids with tubes.
Both of my kids have had two doses of antibiotics and seem to be feeling better, but it was a long road. It felt like forever this morning, into the afternoon. We did not get home until 1pm, by the time we saw the doctor, had the prescriptions filled (all 3 of them), and got home.
Lance got home around 4(ish) and I left around 4:30 to go to work to get a few items off my desk. I am praying for a little relief tonight. Praying that the kiddo's are feeling better.
It really burns my arse that I told that damn doctor that my son had tubes in his ears and he gave us ear drops that are not suppose to be used. UGH.
As a child I had terrible ear-aches, so I can feel for the kid. I cannot even touch the side of his face, it hurts too bad. On top of it all, he was suppose to be at camp this week and next. Well, he has missed it this week due to his ears - we are praying he can make it next week.
Lastly, we are planning a 'girls' night out this Saturday. Getting room at the Ameristar Casino Hotel and jamming out to Joe Dirt. Girls only - my sister, my best friend, my baby sitter, and anyone else who cares to join us. We are getting a room so we don't have to drive.
Lance is keeping the kids - he is acting sort of put off, but he will be okay! If you are free we would love to see you....all you need is an overnight bag.


A Buns Life said...

I am so sorry the kids have had a sick yucky week! Hopefully everyone sleeps well tonight!!

I am so bummed about Sat. night!!! My hubby will be there....we both are supposed to be there for a surprise 40th party before hand and then the "concert" afterwards but I am not having any luck wrangling up a babysitter, and since the party is for a guy that is more his friend than mine, he gets to go by default. I will let you know if plans change.

Farrell said...

poor kiddos - i have soph this weekend; we're headed to nashville, otherwise i would have loved to join you!


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