Friday, June 13, 2008

Speaking code...

There was a time in our life when we could just spell words and our kids would not get them.
Such as, Rylan is T-I-R-E-D and hubby and I would nodd and get him to bed. Now that Rylan is 7 (going on 14), he is reading and spelling like a champ.
The last time I said Rylan is T-I-R-E-D ; he responded with 'I am not tired, I want to stay up.' Or when I would need to sneak to the store (because it is easier than bringing kids), I would spell 'G-O-I-N-G' and the usual nodd would happen and I would attempt to sneak out. Now Rylan states 'Where are you going? Can I come?' Which inevitably sends Pyper to find her shoes, and I end taking both kids to the store rather than going alone.
If hubby and I wanted to get 'friendly' after the kids went to bed, we would spell out words, and nodd in agreement. We have stopped spelling, bottom line.

Now we have resorted to speaking code, and that goes something like this (last night).
We are in the kitchen, Lance is making dinner, I am getting a drink - Rylan is at the table reading a book and Pyper is searching in the fridge. Bottom line, we are ALL in the same room. I look over at hubby and state ' sister flow is coming to visit, so if you want to schedule an appointment. It must be tonight.' (this is code for getting friendly, and PMS).
Hubby looks over, cocks a smile, and nodds in agreement.

Rylan on the other hand looks up and states ' you don't have a sister named Flow. Your sister's name is Misty. Who is flow??' I blush, and half giggle - how do I answer this.....
Lance responds 'flow is a nun, hence the sister, and I need to see her so I can confess all of my deep dark secrets.'
Rylan ' can I get an appointment?'
Lance 'no, not until you get older, she only makes appointments after 10pm.'
Rylan seemed satisfied with that answer and went about his reading.
I on about to fall over - this kid is witty, smart, and going to give me a run for my money.
Last night I need to go to dollar general, one because I luv that place, and two because I was out of razors, diapers and deodorant. *I used Lance's yesterday, and smelled like a man - I figured it was better than smelling like BO.
I take Pyper, because she will not let me leave the house without her. Rylan decides he wants to go, even though I told him he was not allowed to get ANYTHING. While we are there he asked for some deodorant as well. That struck me as funny, but he stated that he is out the Axe stuff his nana bought him for x-mas. Ohh. I want to tell him no, but then I decide what will it really hurt? He picks up four different kids and starts smelling each one of them, before he finally settles on one. While on the way to car, he asked me if I wanted to smell. Against my better judgement I agreed to. As he brought it up to my nose, he accidentally slide it across my upper lip - GROSS. All I could smell for the next two hours was man smell. He was putting in under his arms as I loaded the bags, there he is 7 going on 14. At least he won't be a stinky 14 yr old.
So tell me how do you deal with speaking 'around' your children?
Do you use code, spelling or some other method - that might be helpful???
Happy early father's day. I am hoping to get a father's day post out later (or tomorrow).
We are going to the country tonight, and staying with Lance's 78 yr old dad. I am going to miss the Guild meeting, but his dad really needs us to spend sometime with him. There are some discussions and decisions to be made this weekend. Keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes well.
Have great Guild meeting, and I would love an update.


Farrell said...

I dread the day when soph learns to spell.

krissy said...

Yep, been there done that. It sucks. Now you have to come up with "code" words

Lisa said...

Hope all goes well with the decision making stuff.

We can still spell and use some fairly obvious code words. I guess we've got a year or two before we have to get creative. heehee.


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