Thursday, June 12, 2008

Random Thursday..

Last night Rylan stayed at a friends house, so we had Pyper. We went to a local Mexican rest, Pyper hammed it up with some unknown locals. I tell her it is time to go, (she is standing next to table of two couples) she kisses each one of them good-bye. This child does not know a stranger - I almost fell over.

Drove to Costco last night to pick-up 4lbs of shrimp for Fathers's Day. They do not get the delivery until Friday -GRRRRR!
Picked up wine instead. (smile).
This lady at work is about to get 'whacked' up side the head. She is a Secretary, and she finds it necessary to tell me how to do my JOB. How does one 'politely' tell her to shut her PIE hole? Perhaps I could stuff it donuts?
I broke down this morning and bought a coffee at Starbucks. It was GREAT!!!
Any ideas what to get o'l hubby for Fathers Day (on the cheap side?).
Already, this week I have seen my OB and the dentist. I hate normal 'women' maintenance appointments. And when did the medical world decided that a women needed a mammogram starting at 30? I thought it was 40(ish)......
BTW, nothing worse than your OB, doing the exam - and wanting to have small talk.
We have a 26 yr old officer at work who has cancer (testicular, stomach, liver) - he was just in the office. He looks good, his spirits are high and he finished his last cycle today. The whole city is rallying around this guy.........


Farrell said...

LOVE the cartoons!
26-year old: WOW.

father's day: buy these photo coaster thingies at Michaels ($10)
then go to cvs/walgreens, print 4x6 pics, put a big thick border around them, cut them to the coaster size, tie with a bow.
Prints will only cost you less than $.30.

Kimblahg said...

ha- those cartoons are great. i'm buying my dad a mug with a picture of the kids printed on it and an ice cream machine. i bought my husband a t-shirt with the kid's picture ( but i think it is too late to ship by father's day) and i'm "letting him" go golfing sunday.


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