Sunday, July 13, 2008

Boogy Man

My kids are snuggled deep in my bed, surrounded by each other, pillows and covers. Each breath sounds like 1000 angles singing. I will fall asleep to their breathing patterns, and thank god that I had one more day with my kids.
It is 10 pm at night, I am alone, I left Lance in the Country to be with his father.
Part of me is afraid, I get afraid of the dark and the things that go bump in the night.
*As a side note and another subject line, I see ghost. I have seen several in my adult life. The ghost that I have seen have scared me, but nothing scares me as much as the person I refer to as the Boggy Man.

When I was just beginning college I had a stalker. He saw me leaving my mothers office one afternoon, noticed my Webster Univ sticker in the back of my car and followed me to school in STL. He was trolling outside of my mothers office eyeballing the girl who worked the clerk job at the local 5 and dime store. Plus he has ALWAYS had a twisted infatuation for my Aunt, whom I also resemble. The boogy man that haunts me at night is Robert McCoy, he drives an old (1984 ish) faded red / two door Cavalier - lic plates 705-XSL.
My second year in college I failed Accounting II - mind you I am an Accountant by career. Robert McCoy was the reason I failed Accounting back in the late 1990's. Back then, the laws did not protect people from stalkers. I contact campus police on multiple occasions, I met with Webster Groves police to file several reports. Bottom line, unless the guy actually touched me - there was nothing they could do.
I kept telling them, 'IF he gets close enough to touch me, I am as good as gone.'
The boogy man moved on to stalking my sister, then a Senior in HS. My father ended up beating the crap out of the man on the HS parking lot, I am sure today he wishes he would have killed him.

My moment of divine-intervention:
Over the weekend, I am out at my mothers just dropping off parts from STL for my father and his motorcycle. My father comes in from mowing the lawn, I just stopped in to change Pyper's diaper and are headed out the door. While inside the phone rings.......
It is Courtney (my 12 yr old niece) and she is stuttering, semi frantic and semi upset to be speaking with me. Initially, I chalked it up as the angst of a teenager, but she started speaking quickly 'A. Beenie, we are at the dollar store and Robert McCoy is in here too, following us. It is me, mom and all of the kids (they had my sisters 4 kids too). Where is Pa (my father)? We need him to come down.'
My eyes begin to tell my father that something is wrong. I start stating ' he is right here. Yes, I will tell him, he is on ............(and before I could get out) his way.' He was out the door.
I run out to the porch and shout ' did you hear where they were at, and what was going on'.
He is quickly making his way to his Dodge Ram truck, and never looks back just states, ' Dollar General, and I am on my way. Beenie you stay here.'
My knees are shaking, I load up Pyper and kiss her softly, realizing that one false move and he would see her, and know what I now drive and get my plates.
I head to town, telling my self that I had to make sure everyone was okay. This situation had potential to be very bad.
I meet my father in town at the 4 way stop right before dollar general, I get in front of him and pull over in a parking lot across the street. Close enough to see the front door, but far enough away to not get noticed.
I watch my father pull his truck right next to my mothers van and head inside. He is big in stature, on a mission and in full stride. A local attempts to stop him at the front door for idol chit-chat, I see my father politely nod his head but keep walking. Clearly he has kids to protect and he will not fail.
While this is going on I creep in to the actual parking lot, windows up and begin surving the lot. WHY?

Two reasons, I have to know what this man looks like now and I have to know what he is driving. Because I need to know if I see it around my neighborhood. There are several late model cars in the lot - which I figure could be his. So I write down the description and plates of 4 potential cars. All the while Pyper is gabbing in the back round, as if she is reminding me that she needs to not be noticed.
I am filled with fear, shaking from head to toe. I pull to the far right corner of the lot and wait. Then my father walks out, carrying two kids and surround by the other 3. Even at the far end of the lot, you can feel that he was on a mission, he is standing his ground, and making his presence known.
I watch everyone load up. My father places each kid, softly in his truck. My mother loads up by herself in her van. Pyper sees my mother from the parking lot and starts screaming for Nana. Luckily my windows were rolled up, I keep trying to soother her telling her we would see Nana soon. I keep trying to see if the Boogy Man is inside or out, he is know for sitting in his car and watching. As they drive off I assume that the Boogy Man must be inside the store, therefore I never get a good look at him.
I start to take off and I am in tears, I make my way to my grandmothers house, just a few blocks away. I need to re-group, and pray that she is home. Once again God is on my side, and while I am calming down, trying to calm down Pyper and speak with my Grandma to give her a run down of the events - she gets a phone call.
Apparently, my father and the boogy man met up with each other at the local gas station. My father must have stopped with the kids for something, and the Boogy man made the gas station his next stop as well.
I ask my grandmother to drive, once again I don't want this man to know what I look like, what I drive or that I have a little girl.
We get there and everyone is gone.
This man prays on women and kids, please protect your family as well.
He is a registered sex-offender in Jeff Co. I pray that god will continue to protect us, and place St. Michael at our door while my husband is gone. I may be afraid, but he will not win. His intentions are not good, and I often wonder what drives people that far over the edge. As I get older, I become more afraid for the people I need to protect. And right now I need to protect the identity of my children. This man is a predator, he lives off fear, and gets off making us uncomfortable. I never wanted anyone dead, but for the life of me, nothing good can come of this man. And in order to keep my children safe, I think I could kill him.
Every bump in the night has me on edge, every noise makes me restless. As the sun goes down, I count the hours until it come back up again.
Tomorrow, I will speak with our Chief of PD, and see what advice he will offer. I am not afraid to die, but I will not let my children suffer at the hands of a manic. He will have to kill me first. And so the story of our internal hell continues...................he may not have seen my family this weekend, but it really is just a matter of time. That you can be sure of.

So once again : WARNING
Robert McCoy, he drives an old (1984 ish) faded red / two door Cavalier -
lic plates 705-XSL. May he rot in HELL.............


Lisa said...

Glad to see you don't have your last name on your blog. And not to scare you but becare what information you "put out on your blog." You don't want him to be able to track you down.

So glad to hear you all are safe. This is super scarey stuff!

Cheffie-Mom said...

I will say a prayer for you and your family.

Farrell said...

OMIG Michelle - how incredibly scary.
Is there anything I can do?
You see dead people? that is so cool! (err, maybe?)


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