Monday, July 14, 2008

What do you see?

Well, to date I have had 3 different instances in which I have seen ghost.
My father seems to think that I may have gotten it from him, but he killed his instinct years ago by doing too many drugs. Now either that is the truth, or it is a good line of b.s. in a moment to try to make me feel better.

My first and constant experience is out my parents house, I see / feel the old farmer. I have seen him for years. He actually sits in the recliner, in his worn out/ faded blue jean overalls. From time to time he wears a straw hat, not in the shape of a cow-boy hat, but in the shape of a circle, so he will shade him from the hot sun. We moved this particular house when I was 11, my brother was 13, therefore my sister was 9. It was closer to 19 when I first saw this man, and felt his presence. These days, I politely ask him ' to not watch me take a shower'. ha! I know you may laugh at that, but really. I often wonder if my dead relatives can see me having relations with my hubby - now that thought can kill the moment is no time flat.
Anyway, moving on.

I choose to basically ignore the farmer for the longest time. Chalking him up to me coming in late, and intoxicated. Then when I graduated college I lived by myself in a small apt. It was late in the evening around 4am. Lance and I were dating (again). He had stayed the night, and at 4am something wakes me up. I sit up and over against the wall is this 50's greaser dude. Just like you see in Grease (white T-shirt, pack of cig's rolled up, dark jeans, black boots and greasy hair). I sit up and look at this man standing in my room. I look over at Lance in an attempt to ensure that I am not sleeping. I rub my eyes, I pinch myself - the dude is STILL there.

He does not say a word to me. He has propped him self up on the wall, very casual. He cocks his head sideways, gives me a slight grin ( shit eating look), and winks. His wink had a sparkle. He held my gaze for a few moments as if he was trying to tell me something. He had a softness about him, he was unassuming and semi-charming. I remember looking down at Lance, trying to shake him to wake him up. When I looked up the greaser guy was gone. I was FREAKED out. I remember calling my mother early the next morning, half in tears. Lance 'thinks' I am crazy or just half asleep and still in dream mode. To this day I have never seen that man again.

My third experience happened in the house we currently live in.........this one haunts me to this day. We have lived in this house for almost 5 years and three years ago I saw 3 children.
We sleep downstairs and I hear little kids. I immediately sit up to see what is going on. Three children are playing right outside my bedroom door climbing around on my computer desk. One is a little girl, dressed in period clothes. She looks like she walked right off Little House on the Prairie. She has blond locks, a stiff starch peach bow holding it back. Her bloomer peak out from under her peach dress, and she is no more that 8 year old. She is the ring leader of the kids. The second child looks just like my son, only slightly off color - almost dead. He is walking in a pair of boxer shorts and shirtless. The youngest child is a boy around 2 yrs old, wearing nothing but a cloth diaper. He has a head full of blond curls and is full of energy. The kids are all gathered around the desk, talking, playing and the two year old is climbing up the chair and onto the desktop. I fear he may be falling and I start to get out of bed to help him up on the desk top, then it strikes me - I DON'T HAVE THREE KIDS. Oh...WHAT?
I have one foot on the floor and the kids all turn around and stare at me. I keep looking at the child that looks like my son and I become afraid. I gasp, start chocking and shoving Lance. I am crying by the time he finally wakes up. While Lance sits in bed discombobulated I run upstairs to check on my son. He is sound asleep in his bed. I am too shaken to know what to do. I head back to bed and run thru the series of events with Lance.

Mind you, this is the second event I have had with Lance. As usual, he thinks I am CRAZY. We don't have Pyper in our lives yet, I was not totally sleep deprived and I was not dreaming. But I was frightened.

To sum it all up, I still see and feel the farmer at my parents house. I have gotten to the point where, I just tell him hello or nod my head in an effort to acknowledge him. He is by far my least traumatic ghost experienced.

After each experience I begin praying, asking god to protect me and surround me with his protective white light. These experiences have frightened me to the core. It is a really weird experience, and one that tends to place you in one or two places on the spectrum for people - either you are CRAZY, or they too see people and can offer some kind words of wisdom. For the most part, most think I am CRAZY. Hell, each time it has occurred I have some level of doubt. But in the end I am positive about what occurred, I just wish it had happened to someone else.

*So, tell me any experiences in your life???

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Farrell said...

For the record, I do NOT think you are crazy. I do believe in spirits/ghosts and have friends/cousins with very strange experiences as well. I've never truly experienced it myself (I think i'm pretty grateful for that), but my grandmother has shown up in my dreams; only twice, but at the two most crucial points in my life. I do not think that is a coincidence. You can read about it here:


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