Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A rise..from sister pants.

This was posted from my sister....last night.
this comment is not directed to my sister but to all that read the blog. i have now assumed everyone has developed an opinion of me, my husband, and our friends. i desire not to change them but to give a full circle view of me and some of them. i am a stay at home mom of 4 yes 4. and have realized everyone being very bunched up about my actions. well now that i have decided to have time outside of my home and family , i am no longer at every ones constant disposal(oh my there is a person under that mom, sister, aunt , daughter,wife). yet i keep my niece anywhere from 2-6 weeks every summer, my niece and nephew when a snow day arises or a baby sitter cancels. i am the crazy out of control , undependable one.yet i go out of my way to be with family and friends and develop traditions for not just may kids but also my nieces and nephews. i held thanksgiving , have a day to bake and decorate Christmas cookies, Christmas, and Easter at my house (including dressing up as the Easter bunny and hiding eggs for the kids) i spend my days entertaining , caring for , and tending to my 4 plus many other kids all the time. not because i get paid to babysit but because its what i enjoy(my family). i do try to give 100% to the ones i love all the time yet when i spend a few hours a week to me it makes me undependable.(who else can u call and say I'm going to Alaska for 6 weeks , a week after i listed my house to sell and move while i got 4 kids of my own) i try to go out of my way when someone ask s me for anything(neighbors to mothers) and ask very little for others to pick up my slack. i make every school party ( as head room mom) , pop popcorn all day for popcorn day, hold icream socials as extra treats for my kids. (granted 2 in school 2 home with me. going to all of this and everything else(doct, dentist,ect..) due to i have no babysitter. yet while everyone else works their 40 hour weeks i am giving to theirs and mine all day. so yea i go out Friday and Saturday nite, so what. say i leave at 7 till 2 that's only 7 hrs . that equals 14 hrs a week(even if i went out every nite my time away would be time that my kids are sleeping . i would still spend more time with then than a mother that works part time . not that i am judging but come on me having time out of the house is not that much) that i get away from my house . 14 hrs a week that are mine to chose to do whatever i want. would it be better if i went to movies? scrapbooked? well those are my 14 hrs to chose what i want, not for others to judge. because the other 154 yea 154 hrs a week i am at home taking care of everyone and thing else. and really of those 14hrs my kids are asleep for8 of them. and no one knows how hard i work my butt off to get those hrs . dinner is always done , the kids are always bathed, beds turned down. i always keep all laundry done, house cleaned, groceries shopped. i take care of everything else before i ever consider having my time. so begrudge me that all u want, but understand i am not crazy , out of control, or losing my mind. just enjoying being just me a few hrs a week , yes maybe even every week but that is the only time i get be just misty. its mine and i appreciate my husband for understanding and my true best friend for being part of who i am outside of losing a piece of me in just being mom and wife. so to those who know me and my family(that include angie, eric, and gwen) you really have know idea who we are just that we are usually always here when u need us. THOSE WHO LIVE IN GLASS HOUSE SHOULD NOT THROW STONES.

to sum up my last comment while i may act like a wild animal while i am out, and trust me i act like a wild animal. i also come home to my husband and kids everynite and wake up and give 100% the next day regardless of what i did the nite before. as for my best buddie those 14 hrs a week is the only time she gets to give her mind a rest and try to feel 50%normal. because trust me the other 154hrs a week every week she reminds herself that she is a mom and has to have a reason to get out of bed or even keep breathing! i know i see her 100 of those other hrs also hanging out being moms, and friends. life's hard, good friends go a long way;)
From Michelle:
I know that she needed to have her say, so I posted it.
That being said, I am ready to put this 'issue' to rest. I am mentally exhausted.
I called Angie, yesterday, left her a v/m. I apoligized, and I am going to let nature run its course. Part of being friends in learing how to get over the rough patches.
Time will tell how the rest pans out.


Farrell said...

There are almost always two sides to a story; with people, miscommunication abound; I only feel sorry for your sister that she feels she has to defend herself as a mother/friend/wife/person to complete strangers.

Michelle said...

I am sort of torn, because she does deserve a night out - I.GET.IT.

*But she did state 'I act like a wild animal' - Personally, I hate the driving they do after a night out. I DO find that very irresponsible, and contiue to tell her about it. Otherwise, go have a good time.

Bottom line, she is a great mom, sister, and friend.
Thanks for the comments.

Raquita said...

she can come mom my house any time and I'll by the drinks for htat fourteen hours of good time and be the DD.. hows that for a plan - I think I like it!


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