Monday, July 7, 2008

Fun times....

Whew we survived the weekend - I think.

I woke up at 6am, and stated ' I sure could use another 2 hours of sleep', and with that I rolled over and fell back asleep. Lance came back, 15 min later and reminded me to get up, thank god he was still home or I would have over-slept.

My children are BEAT, but they had a great long weekend.
Thursday, my day off, I took ALL of the kids to Monkey Joe's in Crestwood. And when I say all the kids I mean all 7 of them ;
*Courtney 12 / Paige 8 / Rylan 7 / Payton 7 / August 4 / Grant 2 / Pyper 2

I wore their butts out, and they were asleep before we even left the parking lot.

I have been to Monkey Joes and BounceU - Monkey Joe's is good for the little kids, it seemed to have alot more for them to do. Towards the end I state ' come on kids it is time to go.'

Grant comes out of one of the sites and he is crying, major croc tears, I 'think' he is hurt. I lean down and ask' what is wrong' He states ' I don't wanna go, I wanna stay. me no go.'

I am a sucker for kids, so we stayed another 45 minutes. Which gave me the cool aunt sticker for the day. I will bribe them any day of the week, no shame here!
Friday we headed off to the lake for some swimming, boating and skiing.

Rylan tried to ski for his first time. Gosh, he is his FATHER's son. He trained on the dock first, thought he would be able to get up on his first try. He swallowed a bunch of water, lost his shorts and got water up his nose. He was PISSED. He decided not to try again. Everyone tried to rally around him, and let him know it was par-for-the course, but he would hear nothing of it. The damage was done. He failed the first time and would not be made a fool of again. He got back on the boat and threw his vest down. I just gave him some space.
Not to gloat, but I got up on ski's after not putting them on in over 8 yrs. I go up on my first try - who knew. No my arse, arms and shoulders are sore - but well worth it. Lance decided that he would be the peanut gallery, sitting back stating ' you cannot do it, you will fall' .
Notice, he never even tried. So kiss my sore butt buddy!
Pyper was hesitant of the water, and spent most of her time wrapping her head around the whole idea of being on a dock and so close to the water. She warmed up to the boat by the end of the day, and we chalked this day up as a good one.
We left the dock and headed home for bbq and fireworks.
My sister came over, her kids, mother-n-law and we were all together celebrating the 4th.
Saturday, you would think we would have had enough. But NO...we had another BBQ and firework show to attend. Pyper and I slept until 9 (good girl).
So once again we drug our kids around, went swimming, stayed out way too late and celebrated our holiday.
Sunday, dear god it is hear yet? We got up and went to church. When I say we, I mean minus Lance. He 'thinks' he has a good excuse - he had Cards / Cubs tickets. He left at noon, while we were still at church. After church we changed and went to Misty's for a little family time with all the kids.
Still after it all it does not feel as if I got any REST. My kids did not get up today, I took them to the sitter in their pj's..thank god she understands.
We are happy to report no burns - sun induced or firecracker related. We are all intact, happy to be together, and glad we shared our weekend with family and friends.

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