Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Coming up for air....

This conference is things at work are falling apart.

I am on the blackberry, cell phone, laptop 20 out of 24 hours a day. grrr.
I miss my kids, and it feels suffocating.

All of my blogger friends are reaching out and supporting Lisa at Mid Western Mommy - she just found out she has cancer. She is young, has a young son and a husband who she loves dearly. I have never met her, but feel really attached to her thru the blogger community. She is blogging and checking messages from her hospital bed, please keep her in mind as you pray.
Go here and support her....

Today i left the meeting at 1pm, ditched the afternoon session and I plan to go for a walk, and re-group.

It really is a nice town, nice weather and I am learning so much. But a week feels a little long for least today.

My son signed up for football yesterday. He seems excited, I am terrified. Every time I speak to him on the phone, he starts crying ' I miss you mommy.' *heartbreaking.
My daughter on the other hand uses every word in her limited vocabulary I get 'hi', 'cow - which I would normally take offense too', 'bye', 'pee-pee', and 'I wuv yu.'
*see my heart melting from afar.

I am letting go and regrouping........

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krissy said...

Who's busier? You are me?? Sucks huh?

Midwestern Mommy is getting some great linky love. Kudo's to you for passing her on to all who can pray!!


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