Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Edward Scissor Hands....

Well, I got my hair cut yesterday...it took over 2 hours to get that hair in what the 'dresser' considered a good shape.

She went to town with her razor, and when I say went to town. I felt like an Ice sculpture being raped by Edward Scissor hands.

She would eye an angle, run the razor thru it, eye it again and my hair got shorter, shorter and more choppy by the moment. But WHY stop there?

I asked for tones of brown, to be put in. I asked that I not get all over color. I normally just get highlights, but I wanted to take them out. I am not sure what she heard - because I got all over color and it has a RED tint. The underneath is pumpkin red (SWEAR!).

*Bottom line, it is a what I would consider choppy, it has a ton of layers. Layers are hard to get use to, when you are not use to having them. And the color, well if the sunlight hits it I may be mistaken for a ripe pumpkin.

My husband HATES it - as usual. Unless it is long, and 80's style he wants nothing to do with it. He just grinned and walked away. The grin that states 'I will just walk away and say nothing - because if I say anything it will suck.'

Nothing worse than standing in your bathroom, attempting to take photos of yourself. It is WEIRD, no matter how you look at it. But I have NO shame from time to time, so here you go.

(nice arm pits - shave much? )

Any feed back you can give will be greatly appreciated.
I don't love it, I don't hate - I am still trying to get use to it.
Any ideas - products that work?- recommendations are welcome.

I also got my eyebrows waxed - and she states "Michelle, yours are worse than mine. Good gosh girl.'

*Thanks for the news flash - that is why I am here. DUH.
If she really wanted to be shocked she should have felt my legs.......


Farrell said...

well i don't think you look bad at all!
Maybe you need a different hairdresser though!

A Buns Life said...

Me thinks I would have to see it in person....(see how sneaky I am?!) From what I can tell, I like it...I always like layers on OTHER people, I hate them on myself. Too much work. It does sound like you need to get a new person that actually listens to what you WANT done....I have a great straight GUY named Guy!

Jennifer M. said...

I like it! I do agree though that you need a person that listens! Wondering...Is bun's "Guy" Guy at Guy and Carmello? Just curious... :)

A Buns Life said...

It is! Guy McGhee! How funny! I have been going to him since '96. LOVE HIM!!

Jaelithe said...

It looks cute in blurry form.

I think it's probably very nice.


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