Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Green Means GO......

Well, after work today I am heading to the country to stay the evening with my kids at my mothers, then get up SUPER early in the morning (like the a*s crack of dawn).

Where I will sneak out of bed, tip toe to the potty, put on some sweats and RUN LIKE THE WIND. *You see that streak - that is me trying to get away before something happens to ruin my plans. People still have a good 12 hours to ruin my plans, and for real, anything can happen with my family.

I am going to NYC first thing in the morning.

And if Lance is nice to me, I will swing by his fathers an pick him up.

*Let's just say, he is teetering at the moment. I could just be too tired to remember to pick him up. But then again, he has promised to drive to the airport at 5:15am - his services may be needed. SMUCK.

Grandpa's surgery went well. He was sent home today, he had 60% blockage, they put in a stint and are sending him home. They found a flutter in his heart and are sending off his EKG to be looked over by a specialist. They will probably need to shock his heart in order to get the flutter to subside. All of that can wait until we get back.

Grandpa was clearly feeling better. When I arrived last night, before i even entered his room I could hear him arguing with the nurse. Grandpa wanted to get up and walk around (mind you he was drugged up), and they told him he could not get up. This cranky old man proceeded to tell the nurse that he was a grown man and did not have to listen to her.

Dear heaven. Lance said earlier that Grandpa was waiving his finger w/ the monitor around and acting as if he was ET. Eyes following the finger as it swayed in the air, chanting 'ET go home. ET go home.' Just by looking at Grandpa you could see he was whacked out, his eyes were glassy, and his tone was louder than usual.

As we are walking out the door to go to dinner I asked Grandpa 'anything I can bring you back?'

His response ' yeah, how about a waitress.'

I just smirked. Clearly he is feeling better.

We have BIG plans for our 3 night / 4 day NCY adventure.

Ellis Island, Broadway show, Yankees Game, Ground Zero, Times Square, Coney Island, night life, food, walking , the subway and MORE FOOD.

This is an adults only trip, plus we have a great tour guide - so we won't walk around lost. My 26 yr old niece lives there, and has taken some time off to show us around, and take us out. Plus we are going to the area flea market - where I plan to purchase alot of Christmas presents, and ship them back to myself. *Hello my new knock off Gucci purse - so good to see you. you are just in time for the fall season.


Cheffie-Mom said...

Have fun on your trip! I'm glad your grandpa is feeling better!

Lisa said...

Have fun! Am sure your trip will be a blast.


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